Measure A background

From Brian Roberts/Jan. 11, 2024, 9:53 a.m.

   Vote No on Measure A

By Brian D Roberts

Measure A is an excellent show of civic duty.  The amount of effort it takes to get a measure on the ballot is impressive.  I do not support the measure and I will vote NO on measure A.  I understand the desire to protect small farms here in Humboldt County and I have come up with an excellent tax structure to support the small outdoor farms and generate income for Humboldt County as well.  

The small farmer is what made Humboldt County.  Prior to 2016 legalization farms were small and hidden underneath a tree canopy to avoid detection from above.  Once legalization took place in 2016 legacy farmers had to prove their square footage.  That proved to be a difficult task for some who grew strictly under a tree canopy.

2016 Humboldt County hired Director John Ford.  He has done an amazing job as far as getting Humboldt County cannabis in line with state regulations.  The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was one of the first in California to address cannabis cultivation.  Unfortunately the planning department failed in processing applications in a timely manner and on pre-existing farms first.

The planning department fast tracked larger applications while taking their time with pre-existing. Take a peak below and you will be shocked at how some new cultivation got permitted so quickly.

It seemed as though all the big projects were backed by the county as they fought all the small farmers over every little thing.  Mixed-light became an indoor factory in the hills instead of a two crop light deprivation technique.  I see mixed-light operations running 24/7/365 all over Humboldt.

Humboldt County is definitely in need of fixing the past 7 years of cannabis legalization.  It needs to be done from within the Board chambers with public input.  I have pledged to rest my farm with the State and County for all four years in office if elected.  I will commit 100% to help change and fix our cannabis program and get the measure S tax inline so we can generate some income without bankrupting outdoor farms.