Michael Winkler - Experienced Environmental Leadership through the COVID Crisis and Beyond

From Michael Winkler /Aug. 26, 2020, 10:27 a.m.


I’m the candidate with the most experience and proven record that Arcata needs. I’ve served on Council twelve years including three as Mayor. 



As Mayor, I developed a close working relationship with City Manager Diemer. We fast-tracked essential COVID-19 public health measures, developed safe shelters for the homeless, setup protection from evictions and created plans to reopen businesses. These programs require experienced guidance and teamwork. 



I will ensure vital services remain available. I’ve kept our systems working and the City financially sound.



Working with Chief Ahearn, I will continue reform so police remain committed to protecting all community members.



I spearheaded the successful effort to move the the cannabis industry out of residential neighborhoods into being a responsible industry that offers stable jobs and great local economic benefits. 



I’m a local leader in environmental stewardship, solar affordable housing and lead the City’s initiative to phase out fossil fuels.



Emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, I will focus on revitalizing businesses to provide high quality jobs.


Effective city government is about human relationships. My proven experience and strong relationships get things done.



I would be honored to serve you four more years.

Please visit my website at www.winklerforarcata.com