Statewide Auditor-Controllers Endorse Karen Paz Dominguez for Re-Election

From Karen Paz Dominguez/April 16, 2022, 10:08 a.m.

The Committee to Re-elect Karen Paz Dominguez 2022 is proud to announce many endorsements from elected and appointed Auditor-Controllers throughout the state of California. Recent endorsements include Arlene Barrera, appointed Auditor-Controller of Los Angeles County, the Honorable Juan Raigoza, elected Auditor-Controller of San Mateo County, the Honorable Robert Campbell, elected Auditor-Controller of Contra Costa County, the Honorable Andrew C. Sisk, CPA, elected Auditor-Controller of Placer County, and the Honorable Jeff Burgh, elected Auditor-Controller of Ventura County and President of the California State Association of County Auditors.

These endorsements represent the confidence of statewide professionals who understand the unique challenges Auditor-Controller Karen Paz Dominguez has faced in Humboldt County during her first term in office and the talent she has to address issues and systemic problems which have been many years in the making.

“I have known Karen Paz Dominguez for several years and have been highly impressed with her professionalism and strong desire to carry out her State mandated responsibilities as Auditor-Controller.” - Arlene Barrera, Auditor-Controller, LA County.

“Speaking truth to power when necessary is a quality you want in your elected Auditor-Controller. In Karen Paz Dominguez, the constituents of Humboldt County can rest assured they have just such an A-C. Throughout her first term Karen has demonstrated a true commitment and passion for protecting Humboldt County resources, ensuring those resources are available to serve the community.  This is why I am happy to endorse Karen for re-election.” - Jeff Burgh, Auditor-Controller, Ventura County and President of the California State Association of County Auditors.

“I am honored and humbled to receive these endorsements from my esteemed colleagues because they represent the top experts in a field that I have dedicated myself to serve in. I have gained valuable wisdom from them during my time as Auditor-Controller and am excited to continue our work together to bring the highest standards of accountability to the many counties across our state.” - Karen Paz Dominguez, Auditor-Controller, Humboldt County.

About the Committee to Re-Elect Karen Paz Dominguez 2022: The Committee to Re-Elect Karen Paz Dominguez 2022 was formed to make sure Humboldt County can continue improving the accountability, transparency, and integrity of their fiscal policies and procedures. Based in Eureka, CA the organization supports Karen Paz Dominguez to seek re-election as the best possible candidate to continue the much needed reforms necessary to protect taxpayer funds. Please visit our website at