Vote No on A

From Brian Roberts/Jan. 11, 2024, 9:51 a.m.

Vote No on Measure A 


The goals of measure A fall short of protecting the small legacy farm.

First the limitations on permits.  The county EIR report allows 3500 farms within our entire county.  Today we have approximately 1,100 farms permitted. The reasoning for the cap is overproduction.  Yes California is overproduced and the retail section holds vertical monopolies.

Humboldt farms have been finding it extremely difficult to get product into the market place and at a fair price.  I am against a cap on permits because cannabis is going to be legalized nationwide one day.  Humboldt county will be able to export products throughout the states and possibly overseas.  I am against shutting out future entrepreneurs from being able to set up a business in Humboldt County.  The remaining permits could have a size restriction put in place.


Second water forbearance.  I am against eliminating one month.  I stand by the State of California and its studies regarding water tables and they have come up with a fair and equitable system that works for all cannabis farmers within the state.


Third sustainable expansion.  All farms need to grow and change as time prevails.  This measure would lock farms in place with no chance to expand, upgrade, or fix problems. If a permit holder wants to upgrade solar and stop using a generator.  This initiative would make them start all over in the permit process.  My permit took six years, starting over is not an option.


Fourth category 4 roads.  This could have been written better with the help of small farmers.

Almost all southern Humboldt farms would be denied permits because of this.  A majority of small farms are off private roads the county doesn’t maintain.  A solution that could be tackled inside the Supervisor chamber could be that any farm over 10,000 sq ft must be on a cat 4 road.  10K + usually needs employees where a small 10K and less is a self run operation.

Fifth I think the 24 hr inspection hurts small farmers and not the larger farms.  A week’s notice should be sufficient to inspect a property.  I have no employees and what if I was attending a trade show, festival or seminar how would I be able accommodate a 24 hr inspection?

In Conclusion Humboldt has 1,100 permits which is awesome.  I hated to see how the process was done.  I definitely don’t think it was fair and honest.  I witnessed lots of mistakes and little accountability for those that made mistakes.  It appeared as those friends and family members got a better deal than others when it came to permitting cannabis in Humboldt County.  There is still a bright future for Humboldt County and our cannabis industry.  It is time to make it fair and equitable for everyone and not just friends and family.  Humboldt County is one of the poorest counties in California, Garberville made the top ten list for foreclosures. Vote for me Brian D Roberts and I will help change the system from within.  I will protect our nature and beautiful landscape from mega grows that are an eyesore.  I will encourage more small farmers to get on board and get legal.