James Conrad asks Jeana McClendon

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I know you were part of the narrow vote to keep Fortuna High School open during the onset of the Covid pandemic.   Although the school board, especially the then board president, took a lot of heat for this decision, subsequent research suggests that this was the best decision for our students and their education.  We all know remote learning did not work well for many students.

I would appreciate hearing more about your stance on COVID-19 measures and how you believe related decisions should be approached in the future related to the county. Specifically:

How do you plan to balance and work with county public health related to Covid should the need arise?

Are there specific policies or strategies you would advocate for to ensure the well-being of our community members but also allow us to live our lives. 

Your insights on these matters will be invaluable as I consider the best candidate to represent our community on the board of supervisors. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing your perspective.

— James Conrad


Jeana McClendon

I would collaborate closely with the county public health department, implementing necessary measures to safeguard our community’s well-being, protect staff, and minimize the impact on county operations. Drawing from my experience as a private sector employer and a school board member during the Covid Pandemic, I recognize the diversity in comfort levels and personal beliefs among individuals. I believe that formulating effective solutions requires honest and respectful discussions with the broader perspective in mind. If feasible, I would present multiple flexible strategies, all converging towards the same outcome. My preference is always for personal choice, opting for voluntary participation instead of imposing mandatory protocols, and respecting individual decisions.

Reflecting on the past, I take immense pride in the collaborative efforts of our board, district staff, parents, and students. Achieving our goals required courage and compromise from each group involved. Together, we worked effectively towards a successful and much-needed outcome.