Mark Baldwin asks Brian Roberts, Michelle Bushnell, Jeana McClendon

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What are your plans to reduce the increasing crime and drug activity within our communities?

— Mark Baldwin


Brian Roberts


There are many factors in play when we talk about crime.

The Sheriff is an elected official.  The Sheriffs department does rely on County funding but they set their own agenda.

The board can give direction but the safety of the community is in the hands of an elected official.

As a Supervisor I would be in favor of supporting extra funding towards the HC Drug Task Force.  I believe going after the hard drugs would make the greatest impact on crime and homelessness.

Drug addiction and petty crime go hand in hand.  A person without a job and a drug addiction steals to pay for their habit. 

I would also be in favor of decreasing the cannabis task force.  The cost to taxpayers is too high for the reward.  CHP pulled over a car in Willits with 300 lbs of cannabis.  It was a ticket and release. 

The Sheriff’s department should assist the DCC, CDFW and the CA Water Board to fight environmental crimes related to cannabis.

Saving money on the cannabis task force could also be used to create a substance abuse center.  Drug addiction is a disease and people need help curing that disease.

Unfortunately in California it seems no one is responsible for their own actions these days.  Crime is out of control and DA’s in major cities are afraid to prosecute criminals.

Therefore my conclusion would be to support the Sheriff’s department in funding to go after the hard drugs in our communities.  The drugs are the root cause of crime.  Then offer those people a chance for recovery through a substance abuse program.

thank you for the question

Jeana McClendon

Safe communities start with adequate funding for the sheriff’s department. As a supervisor, I would have the ability to vote to approve the sheriff’s department budget so they can do their part in serving and protecting our communities. We have a great sheriff’s department with professional dedicated members and strong leadership.  


I would also be supportive of some type of chronic offender accountability program. While the BOS doesn’t  play a role in implementing a program like that, I see value in holding the worst chronic offenders accountable. We must stop the revolving door of criminals who are eating up the county resources by continually being released back into our communities to wreak havoc on our residents.   


I would also advocate for  enhancing mental health support services to address underlying issues that contribute to criminal behavior.  Humboldt County would benefit from increased access to drug rehab and treatment programs for those that have a health issue and are looking for a pathway for help. We need to provide educational and recreational opportunities for our at risk youth to deter them from pathways of criminal activity. Reducing poverty with job opportunities and economic growth for our residents is also a key piece of the puzzle. 


As a Supervisor, I would understand that successfully reducing crime requires an all hands on deck collaborative approach.