Regina E asks Mike Wilson

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Waiting for decades.

Will you finally work to get city water to those of us between Indianola and 3 Corners? I’ve been waiting decades. Now we are inundated with traffic on Myrtle due to Highway work and more roundabouts. I often feel we are ignored.

— Regina E


Mike Wilson

I appreciate your desire for reliable municipal water service at your home. Decisions related to expanding municipal water service in the Indianola area would be made through the Humboldt Community Services District (HCSD), not the County of Humboldt. HCSD is a separate jurisdiction with an elected Board of Directors. HCSD can be reached through their website ( 


The expansion of service in this area has been a topic some controversy for several decades. The HCSD has recently had discussions about who would carry the short- and long-term costs of additional hookups, and the impact that might have on existing ratepayers. Some people want the service area expanded, while others think it could have unintended costs and consequences. There is concern, based on precedent, that this type of expansion could lead to significant additional development of our rural landscapes. And, of course, new developments would in turn lead to increased traffic volumes on Myrtle and Old Arcata Road.