Anonymous asks Mike Wilson

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Life Plan Humboldt

Why did you not provide due diligence before endorsing $2.5 million in state funding for Life Plan Humboldt? What are the long term economic and social impacts of this $80 million project, what are the alternatives and why isn’t in-home care fully funded and our nursing homes made safe for everyone?

— Anonymous


Mike Wilson

Exercising  due diligence before taking a vote or making a decision means thoroughly considering all available information. I believe I did so in this matter. If there is information that you feel was missing when the board voted to support the request for funding for Life Plan Humboldt, please forward it to me via email (


Elders are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.  This is why I support a diversity of housing and service opportunities for seniors in our community (such as Life Plan Humboldt). This includes building new housing, especially more affordable housing, expanding support for safe and affordable care facilities and providing in-home care as well as rental and utilities subsidies.