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Anthony asks Matthew Owen, Scott Bauer, Liza Welsh, Eddie Morgan, William Tuttle

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Balance the budget, please?

Will you lead the way and balance the City of Eureka’s Budget?

— Anthony


Scott Bauer

Friends, we have challenging times ahead of us.  Federal and state assistance may drop off in the years ahead as tax revenue continues to decline.  We need to provide for ourselves and our community (think local)  if we wish to maintain the government services we all rely upon.  I think it’s safe to say we all desire pothole free roads, high quality and timely emergency services, clean and well maintained parks, and a myriad of other important services we take for granted.  None of those things come for free.  And since there isn’t any fat to trim off the city’s budget, we must focus on obtaining additional revenue.  Given we have the largest population of any community in the county and produce the most tax revenue, I think its fair for us to receive more Measure Z funding.  We currently receive around 10% of the revenue generated within the city from Measure Z.  I also think its important for all of us to consider extending the supplemental transaction and use tax (Measure H) this November.  Additional Measure Z funding and the passage of Measure H will get the city to a balanced budget.  If elected to represent the Fourth Ward, I will work with the Council and our county supervisors to see that the city receive more Measure Z funds.  I will also work to ensure that we keep a balanced budget by scrutinizing our spending and living within our means.