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Jackie M asks Natalie Arroyo, Kim Bergel

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Will you still keep your current job if elected to supervisor?

Will you keep your current job if elected supervisor? If so , how much time will you spend on the County business? Will you answer your emails ?

— Jackie M


Natalie Arroyo

Hello Jackie, 

Being a County Supervisor will be my only full-time job. I will leave my other jobs, with the exception of my U.S. Coast Guard Reserve commitment. As a Reserve officer, my ongoing commitment is to work one weekend a month, with two weeks of additional training per year that can be scheduled well ahead of time. 

In my current role on the City Council, I earn a stipend of $500 per month. As a result, I (along with the rest of the Council) work other jobs to be able to pay my bills and because I love the community work I do. I have thoughtfully made a transition plan to end my other employment and train new personnel. 

Thanks for your question! 


Kim Bergel

Hi Jackie,

As much as I love working with youth in an educational setting, the Supervisor position is more than full time, which accounts for the huge difference between the county Supervisor salary and the $500 per month stipend given to a Eureka City Council member.  The responsibilities are much more involved and the scope of the project of Humboldt County is much larger. There is simply no time for a side job. I love being on council, which can be close to full time as it has been many times for me. I will miss the classroom and the kids but I am looking forward to having the current hours I work in both jobs dedicated to one focus, the betterment of our County.  I am very accessible. My phone number is readily available and I am happy to talk, text, or email.  I appreciate your question.