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Stan E asks Larry Doss, Steve Madrone

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Honoring Commitments

How do feel about being responsible by budgeting for  prior County commitments before spending money on new projects?

Thank you

— Stan E


Steve Madrone

Thank you for this question, Stan.

It’s imperative that we are responsible for budgeting for prior commitments before spending money on new projects. As a young boy scout, I learned that we needed to keep our base camp in good shape before going out on new adventures.

We need to make sure we pay current employees a decent wage and good benefits before we take on new unfunded programs. We must maintain our current buildings and other assets owned by the county before buying or building new ones. And we need to maintain current roads, sewer and other infrastructure, rather than build out more, unless they come with short- and long-term funding.

And let’s retrofit current town areas and improve the infrastructure where we can, instead of always looking to build out into new areas. However, if a new project is going to increase county income through improved economic development, then it might make sense as that will give us more funds to maintain what we have.

We have many existing prior commitments and we must find ways to be more efficient and cost effective so that we, as a County, meet our commitments.