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J.A.Savage asks Larry Doss, Steve Madrone

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Fish Farm

What is your most important concern about the Nordic Aquafarms’ proposal for a fish factory?

— J.A.Savage


Larry Doss

The only concern is that Nordic operates as explained in the EIR.  The organic land based fish farm, has many benefits to Humboldt County.  One is use of water, this protects water rights in the review by the state in 2029.  Two is the use of the outfall pipe is important for multiple reasons all of the municipal water treatment plants around the bay.  Three is the creation of living wage jobs.  Four is the development of a new, clean industry for Humboldt that answers the need for reducing imported food.  Five is the noncompetitive nature to our commercial fishing fleet and possibly some cooperative opportunities.  Six is spin off industries that may decide to locate in Humboldt.   Thank you for your question.