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Jon Yalcinkaya asks Natalie Arroyo, Kim Bergel, Mike Newman

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Regulation and taxation of cannabis.

Do you feel the County is currently sufficiently regulating and taxing cannabis grows in Humboldt?

— Jon Yalcinkaya


Kim Bergel

First, I think it is important to recognize our small cannabis farmers and the risk they have taken to become compliant and legal. I believecannabis business should be treated as any other business. For years cannabis has been an economic driver in our community, and we need to acknowledge that the industry has needs like any other kind of business.  The fact is that our small farmers are struggling. I believe more clear and concise  processes along with the marketing of our Humboldt Brand promised by the county will begin to move us in a better direction.

I believe taxes should be more equitable. They should be based on income, rather than grow space or product alone. We need to revisit Measure S which focuses on area of land on which you grow rather than the actual product. We need to implement a temporary suspension or at least reduction of the tax.  And we need an initiative for voters to revisit some aspects of Measure S.

Of course, we need reform beyond the county. State law should allow farmers to sell directly to a consumer and to transport cannabis with proper documentation. Federal law should allow for cannabis business banking and use of the mail to send product.

In short, I support reforms which will protect and promote smaller cannabis farms and phase out the mega-farms. I support reforms which will protect water and reduce noise and light pollution. I support the removal of regulations which place undue burden on small farmers

I am learning more and more about current impacts all the time. Please reach out and let me know how I can support you.

Thank you for the question.

Sincerely, Kim Bergel