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Mark asks Larry Doss, Steve Madrone

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Covid on the rise, where do you stand?

a) do you know anyone who has been seriously ill from Covid? b) are you vaccinated according to CDC and Humboldt County Health recommendations?

Thanks for answering.  It’s a matter of public health and safety.

— Mark


Steve Madrone

Thank you for this question about maintaining community health and safety.

Yes, I do know several people who have been seriously ill from Covid, as most of us do.

Yes, I have been vaccinated and boosted twice, as are all members of my family, in accordance with the recommendations from the CDC and the Humboldt County Department of Public Health.

Along with being vaxed and boosted twice I continue to use other safety precautions such as washing hands, along with masking and social distancing in certain settings, and recommend that others do as well.