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Core Issue asks Natalie Arroyo, Kim Bergel, Mike Newman

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Workplace Harassment by Auditor-Controller, Late Filings

Two independent investigations found that the current Auditor-Controller acts as a bully, is retaliatory towards staff, and harasses employees. Meanwhile, she is years late on filing required reports, which has frozen funding from state and federal agencies and hurt the most vulnerable in our community, she is the subject of a lawsuit with the Attorney General (on behalf of the People of California), and has received more votes of no confidence than any local elected official in history. Cheryl Dillingham, with 30+ years in gov finance and leadership,  has received endorsements from every local media outlet, 2 former Auditor-Controllers, the county’s 2 largest labor groups and many others.

Who do you support for Auditor-Controller? And, if Karen wins, what will you do to make sure she does not continue to attack hard-working county employees and do the job we all need her to do to serve Humboldt’s residents?

— Core Issue