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Jeffersonian asks Stacey Eads

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Frank Jager Investigation?

Dear Stacy,

You list former Eureka Mayor Frank Jager and current Sheriff Billy Honsal as endorsers of your campaign. Mayor Jager, together with six Sheriff’s Office employees, purchased cars and other property from the coroner/public administrator’s office, for below market value, which was potentially a violation of state law. Your boss and fellow endorser, DA Maggie Fleming, declined to prosecute these individuals and instead referred the matter to the FBI and State Attorney General’s Office. The state has since declared that is declines to prosecute the charges but has not released their investigation into the accusations.

I am concerned that this exhibited potential favoritism by DA Fleming and that you might not similarly take action against members of the “good ol’ boys” club as DA.

(1) If elected, would you release all reports in the possession of the Humboldt DA’s Office into allegations against Mayor Jager and others?

(2) If the reports contain information indicating that these individuals violated the law, would you hold these individuals accountable and prosecute?

(3) Is it appropriate to accept the endorsement of Mayor Jager?

— Jeffersonian