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Ash Teeter asks Nicholas Kohl, Renee Contreras De Loach

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City of Eureka Covid vaccine mandate

Given that it is now known that the covid vaccines do not prevent transmission, infection, or how much they even reduce symptoms, do you support the continuation of the city of Eureka’s employee vaccine mandate?

— Ash Teeter


Nicholas Kohl

I do support the current Vaccine policies of the City of Eureka. Due to the public nature of their work and the need of all citizens to access services, I feel the policies are appropriate. 

There are now more traditionally developed vaccine options available for those concerned about the experimental nature of the first wave. 

Covid 19 is still verry present in our community. Covid’s impacts are felt in our hospitals and in the families who have experienced loss. We also have an incomplete view of the impacts of long covid. This is impacting the quality of life of our citizens in ways that cannot be quantified. 

Chief Jarvis discussed the value for solving one missing person case. If they prevented one death through the use community cameras, the cost would be justified. 

I feel that if vaccine policies prevent one needless death in our community, then it is worth it. 

Renee Contreras De Loach

Approximately two hundred thousand children in the U.S have lost a caregiver to covid. Covid was also the leading cause of line-of-duty law enforcement deaths nationwide in 2021. Doctors and nurses, and hospitals were inundated with covid cases. I am Indigenous and Hispanic through my father and covid-19 was particularly hard on us and our elderly.  

Covid is still having a detrimental impact on our communities (emotionally, physically and financially).  I believe the City of Eureka’s vaccine mandate is reasonable in that it requires vaccination for those who can and exemption for those who cannot for various legitimate health or religious reasons, similar to other vaccine requirements for public education. Vaccination can be one way we protect those we love and those we call neighbors.