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Hank Sims asks Arlene Spiers, Mike Johnson, Christina Mobley, Henry Wotherspoon, Kyle Conley

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What is the SECOND-biggest problem facing Fortuna?

Probably everyone agrees about the first-biggest problem at the moment. (Or maybe not? I don’t know.)

But if you were to sit down and rank all the rest of the problems, what, apart from the PG&E issue, would be at the top? Is that the thing that motivates you to run? What would you do, as a city councilperson, to address it?

— Hank Sims


Mike Johnson

Thanks for the question Hank and you’re right about problem #1. I believe the #2 problem facing Fortuna is the economy, local, state and national. Just like our citizens, the City of Fortuna has seen price increases for such necessities as fuel, lumber, groceries and our energy bill. Inflation has eroded Fortuna families buying power and affected their budgets, ours too. Paying attention to vehicle use, watching prices and as was done recently, combining projects with other local agencies to gain economy of scale. Key to navigating these times is a well thought out, realistic, balanced budget, protecting our reserves and wise use of our local tax measure. We have a fiscal minded finance department that watches the budget vs actual to keep us on track. What motivates me is that I live here, my daughter and granddaughters live here and I want them and all those who live in Fortuna to have a safe, enjoyable community to live in.