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Janine Lauritzen asks Arlene Spiers, Mike Johnson, Christina Mobley, Henry Wotherspoon, Kyle Conley

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What are your top three priorities if you are elected as City Councilperson?

— Janine Lauritzen


Arlene Spiers

My top three priorities if elected to Fortuna City Council are Integrity, Economic Development, and Public Safety.  

Since 1976, the Eel River Valley has been my community.  I attended Hydesville Elementary School, Fortuna High and College of the Redwoods. At this point in my seasoned and experienced life the best way I can be of service to Fortuna is by being elected to Fortuna City Council. 

I stand for integrity, especially when it pertains to the allocation of government funding. For seven years I was the business manager of a school district where I created and maintained a 10-million-dollar budget with a 3-year forecast. I am currently employed by a Health Services organization as a Payroll Specialist.

I recognize the value of teamwork and consensus building. Fortuna’s City Manager works very well with our city council to get things done. I will be prepared for city council meetings, ask thoughtful questions and research topics, before voting on city matters.

I will be responsive to your concerns and criticisms. Everyone deserves to feel validated. Everyone deserves to feel that they matter.

I’m running for city council because I want my grandchildren to have the opportunity to grow and prosper in Fortuna and carry on the traditions of Fortuna. I love Fortuna.  Although I do not own a business or work in Fortuna, my stake in Fortuna is that it is my home.

I ask you to allow me the opportunity and honor to directly improve the lives of our community and continue this life of service based upon a foundation of integrity by voting for me, Arlene Spiers, for Fortuna City Council. 

Mike Johnson

My top 3 priorities are the electrical power supply issue, economic development and the economy, these 3 are all connected.  Without a reliable electrical supply, commercial development will stop.  Some projects have already been told they cannot be served.  Multi-family residential development will stop and single family will be served on a case by case basis.  There will be fewer and fewer job opportunities in the construction trades.  Without the economic engine of construction, commercial, and business development, revenues will falter and recovery from this inflationary economy will be difficult.  General Fund revenues which support the Police and Parks departments  among others will be threatened. We need to keep working with our state and local representatives, PG&E and the PUC to find a near term solution moving forward as well as a long term plan as we move toward a more electrified life.   

Thank you Janine for this question.