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Eurekan asks Nicholas Kohl, Renee Contreras De Loach

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Housing Projects

Do you support the EaRTH Center development in Old Town? Do you support future parking lot housing developments in the City?

— Eurekan


Renee Contreras De Loach

I do and I do.  I have met with a number of individuals from the City and County to discuss housing and the Earth project. Housing is key. Key to preventing loss of needed professionals. Key to attracting professionals like doctors, dentists and teachers.  Key to alleviating the housing hardships being experienced by low and middle-income earners. Key to eroding the power of slumlords. Key to housing some of the houseless.

As someone who has worked with small businesses I would have preferred a plan that included parking.  My understanding is that ground floor parking was looked into but deemed cost prohibitive for the city. I also asked about parking garages and was again told they were far too cost prohibitive. For those business owners who hung on through covid and for the future businesses we want to attract, I want to do all we can to support their future successes which includes accessibility for their clients and customers.

Eureka is having difficulty fulfilling the housing requirements handed down from the State of CA.  While other local areas have some land to sprawl into, Eureka really doesn’t.  It has to develop essentially on its existing footprint and so they prioritized housing over parking.  And if it’s a choice between the two decisions, housing or parking, I would go with housing.  

Nicholas Kohl

I do support the housing and transit elements of the EARTH center. I do want more clarity about the intention of the ground floor areas. With that area promoted as child care or medical services I was very much in support of that space. With the area discussed as food service/retail I see a missed opportunity for needed support access in our community. I would also like to see remaining parking lots in old town invested in to provide improved safety and more e/v charging options. I support the affordable housing plans put forward by the city. I feel that their completion is important to the quality of life in our community. Many people here work hard for their families and their future. Unfortunately, housing prices and rental prices have prevented them from the type of stability that is necessary to thrive. It is my hope that these developments will help with that opportunity. I am also hopeful that the inclusion of additional services like cal fresh, head start, and medical/covered California can be incorporated into the application process