Harold asks Gregory Kreis, April Van Dyke

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What is your county of residence?  What is your residency history?

— Harold


Gregory Kreis

Hi Harold.  Thank you for the question.  I resided in Humboldt County from 1990-1995.  I then left to go to law school, worked my first attorney job and then moved back as soon as a job came available in 2010.  I have been a resident of Humboldt County again since 2010, and love it here.  

April Van Dyke

Thanks for the question, Harold.  I currently reside in Humboldt County.  I have lived in Humboldt County since 2019 and was lucky enough to purchase a house in the county in 2021.  I also have three children who attend Humboldt County public schools.  As for my previous residency I was born in Redding, but quickly moved to Napa when I was a baby.  I lived in Napa until I attended law school in Sacramento in 2007.  I lived in Sacramento from 2007 until 2019 when I moved here to Humboldt. 


I understand the concerns of a “newcomer” seeking a position of importance in Humboldt County.  Not only am I committed to this community and making it a better place for everyone in it, but I will also bring diversity of experience to the role.  I have practiced law in many different counties and communities and am able to see what has worked and what has decidedly not worked.  I hope to bring this experience to the bench to help Humboldt County.