Alan asks April Van Dyke

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Employment History

Ms. Van Dyke:

I’m confused.  You state you moved to Humboldt County in 2019, but your State Bar Profile ( lists your address as San Jose, CA.   

Adding further confusion, your campaign website states “In 2019 I moved to Humboldt County continuing my work zealously advocating for indigent clients as Deputy Conflict Counsel.”  But you don’t work there now. 

First, how and where are you currently employed? 

Second, given that you tout honesty as one of the reasons voters should elect you, do you think your descriptions of your work history and residency inspire confidence in that regard?

— Alan


April Van Dyke

Thanks for the question, Alan.  I currently own my own law practice.  I maintain an office space in San Jose where I am appointed to represent indigent clients through the Santa Clara Independent Defense Organization (IDO).  What is great about my current position is that I can work remotely from my home in Eureka and continue to work on complex cases and litigation.  Santa Clara IDO has attorneys working for them from all over the country and world some attorneys live in Chicago, Massachusetts and even Germany.  I am very proud of my work with Santa Clara IDO.  It has allowed me to litigate complex cases for people who cannot afford attorneys while living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Humboldt County.  My experience litigating in many different counties will prove to be an asset to Humboldt County.  I can take the things that work in those counties and apply them to Humboldt County to help the community here.


As far as my residency is concerned, I live in Eureka.  Also, I did move to Humboldt in 2019 to work as a Deputy Conflict Counsel representing indigent clients and I continue to work zealously representing indigent clients.