555UpperTier asks Gregory Kreis

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Conflicts for cases

My understanding is that an attorney can file a motion to remove a judge from hearing a particular matter. If elected or re elected to this position is it likely that you would be unable to hear certain types of cases? What kind of impact would this have on court scheduling and flexibility? If you are currently serving as a judge how many times has a motion been filed to recuse you from hearing a case?

— 555UpperTier


Gregory Kreis

Thank you for your question. Yes, attorneys have the ability to disqualify a judge if they believe impartiality might be compromised. If re-elected, I have the capacity to preside over all cases unless disqualified, a process common to any judge. In the event of disqualifications, the court works efficiently to reassign cases promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to court scheduling. We are constantly adapting for various reasons to guarantee all litigants have access to justice. While I don’t have an exact count of disqualifications, I am committed to upholding fairness and impartiality in every case. I hope this answers your questions. Thanks again.