G.H. asks Gregory Kreis

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Is it true…

Is it true you’re not allowed to hear any public defender cases?

— G.H.


Gregory Kreis

Good morning, and thank you for the question. When I assumed the role of judge in 2017, I presided over public defender cases but refrained from hearing any involving Luke Brownfield, a longtime friend of he and his family. However, when Mr. Brownfield later assumed the Public Defender position, I sought guidance from the Ethics Branch of the California Judges Association. The opinion I received recommended that I avoid presiding over cases from the main Public Defender’s Office, given Mr. Brownfield’s role overseeing the caseloads of Deputy Public Defenders. I have diligently followed this recommendation, and as a result, I do not accept any cases from the Public Defender’s Office. This recusal allows me to preside over many other cases that do not involve the Public Defender, such as in dependency court where I currently preside. Thank you.