Toptier555 asks Gregory Kreis

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Judicial Excellence Together

You received a 5000 dollar donation from a group called “Judicial Excellence Together.”. Your 497 form was not correctly filled out with the group’s address so it’s hard to figure out who they are and what they stand for. Will you correct the 497 form and can you tell us more about this group, who the principal decision makers of the group are and why they decided to donate to your campaign?

— Toptier555


Gregory Kreis

Thank you Voter.

The California Judges Association reviews requests from judges in California for funds to assist in campaigns.  They interviewed me and then the a panel of judges and maybe others decide who is qualified for any award.  If they agree you are qualified for an award, the Judicial Excellence Together is the entity that awards the judge.  You can see my announcement on my site,

I have amended my 497 to include the address and ID #.

Thank you for the question.