Three days. Over 100 comedians. Multiple venues. It’s the…

2017 Savage Henry Comedy Festival

Savage Henry Magazine has once again pulled back the Redwood Curtain to allow in hilarious folk from all over the United States. Now in its sixth year, the festival will infest Humboldt with irreverence, whether you like it or not. Why fight? Come get dumb with us. 



(Note: Purchase of a $35 All-Show Bracelet allows entry to all listed shows. Prices listed are for single shows.)


Stand-up Showcase
5 p.m. @ Blondies Food & Drink - $5/18+

Cheryl White, Alfonso Portela, Tiffany Greysen, Mike Cella, Evan Vest, Jim McVeigh, Mike Hawkburn, Allison Rose, Grayson Nite, Jane Malone, Bobby Benedict, Sara Rooker, Sydney Hupp; Hosted by Dev Richards. 

Stand-up Showcase
6 p.m. @ The Jam - $5/18+
Saul Trujillo, Grayson Nite, Dave Losso, Lacie Wallace, David Mascorro, Connor Martin, Sean Keane, Bridget Benett; Hosted by Nando Molina.

Stand-up Showcase
6 p.m. @ Arcata Playhouse - $5/18+

Josh Argyle, Adam Pasi, Caitlin Weierhauser, Parker Newman, Emily Van Dyke, Zeke Herrera, Roger Stafford, Matt Redbeard, Andy Garcia, James Stephen;, Hosted by Jessica Grant.

Stand-up Showcase
6 p.m. @ Northtown Coffee - $5/18+

Andrea B, Zach Welch, Becky Lynn, Jon Alcabes, Coor Cohen, Trevor Lockwood, Emma Haney, Chris Johnson, Tom Bomb, Pablo Oseguera, Scott Powers, Ivan Mueting; Hosted by Josh Barnes.

Stand-up Showcase
7 p.m. @ Blondies Food & Drink - $5/18+

Jesse Hett, Dr. Foxmeat, Erik Krasner, Alex Rios, Gabby Jesus, James Wood, Jaime Fernandez, George Baltzer, John Davis, Nicole Love, Don Ashby, Tommy Lucero, Jaclyn Weiand; Hosted by Dev Richards.

Stand-up Showcase
8 p.m. @ The Jam - $5/18+

Chris Charpentier, Samantha Gilweit, Robert Berry, Dutch Savage, Leslie Small, Emma Pace Jonas, Ivy Vasquez, Jacob Rupp, Julian Salyer, Brooke Elizabeth; Hosted by Evan Vest

Stand-up Showcase
8 p.m. @ Mateel Community Center - $10/21+

Moore Devine, Dash Kwiatkowski, Samantha Rager, Keith Bergman, Sam DiSalvo, Ivan Garcia, Ruby Gill; Hosted by Tony Persico.

Stand-up Showcase
8 p.m. @ Northtown Coffee - $5/18+
Lydia Manning, Chaz Logan Hyde, Joe Tullar, David Mascorro, Riley Fox, Kelly Richardson, Dro Knows, Cory Barringer, Ben Rice, Jordan Thewlls; Hosted by Josh Barnes.

wasTED Talks
8 p.m. @ Arcata Playhouse - $10/18+ 
“Just like TED Talks except the speakers are wasted.”
Sam Tallent, Luke Lockfeld, Katie Sharp, Ben Kolina, Scott Bowser, David Gborie, Keith D; Hosted by Justin Gomes.

Stand-up Showcase
8 p.m. @ The Alibi - $5/21+
Seth Milstein, Andrew Holmgren, Robert Jenkins, Gabby Poccia, Pat Sievert, Yusef Roach, Miriam Moreno, Michael Sevigny, Sam Weber, Reggie Rahming; Hosted by John McClurg.

Crushin’ Roulette
10 p.m. @ Arcata Playhouse - $10/18+
“Comics have to spin a wheel and do their sets with obstacles and troubles.”
Dave Losso, Cornell Reid, Nathan Lund, William Toblerone, Mike Hawkburns, David Gborie, Connor Marshall, Isaac Kozell, Jessica Grant; Hosted by Zeke Herrera and Matt Redbeard.


Stand-up Showcase
5 p.m. @ Blondies Food & Drink - $5/18+
Charles Hoffa Kelly, Chaz Logan-Hyde, Ruby Gill, Sam Weber, Miriam Moreno, Pablo Oseguera, Andy Garcia, TJ Hudson, Jordan Thewlls, Drea Meyers; Hosted by John McClurg.

Stand-up Showcase
5 p.m. @ Veterans Memorial Building (Bar Stage) - $5/21+
Andrea B, Reggie Rahming, Joe Gorman, Shwa Smith, Jane Malone, Scott Powers, Julian Salyer; Hosted by Matt Redbeard.

Attractive Camp
6 p.m. @ Veterans Memorial Building (Main Stage) - $5/18+
“Stand-up showcase out of San Francisco.” 
Hosted by Nicole Calasich and Jesse Hett. Featuring Chris Charpentier, Caitlin Weierhauser, Tess Barker, Evan Vest.

Stand-up Showcase
6 p.m. @ Northtown Coffee - $5/18+
Alfonso Portela, Scott Bowser, Connor Marshall, Joe Tullar, Conor Martin, Grayson Nite, Katie Sharp; Hosted by Isaac Kozell.

Stand-up Showcase
6 p.m. @ The Jam - $5/18+
Emily Van Dyke, Keith D, Allison Rose, John Davis, Erik Krasner, Nicole Love, Tommy Lucero, Ivan Mueting; Hosted by Dev Richard.

Stand-up Showcase
6 p.m. @ The Trim Scene - FREE/18+
Dave Losso, Luke Lockfeld, Jaime Fernandez, Pat Sievert, Jaclyn Weiand, Jim McVeugh, Kelly Richardson, Bobby Benedict; Hosted by Zeke Herrera.

Stand-up Showcase
6:30 pm @ Alibi - $1/21+
Sam Tallent, Adam Pasi, Gabby Poccia, Moore Devine, Justin Gomes, Zach Welch, Shahera Hyatt, Caleb Duffy, Jared Richard, Ben Rice, Don Ashby; Hosted by Trevor Lockwood.

Stand-up Showcase
7 p.m. @ Blondies Food & Drink - $5/18+
Ben Kolina, Samantha Rager, Michael Sevigny, Parker Newman, Roger Stafford, Sam DiSalvo, Dash Thompson, Lacie Wallace; Hosted by Ivy Vasquez.

Stand-up Showcase
7 p.m. @ Eureka Inn’s Palm Lounge - FREE/21+
Dutch Savage, Jessica Grant, William Toblerone, Sean Keane, Luigi Diaz, Steve Benaquist, Charlie Gilbert, Bridget Bennett; Hosted by Nando Molina.

Stand-up Showcase
7 p.m. @ Veterans Memorial Building (Bar Stage) - $5/21+
Adam Jacobs, Chris Riggins, Emma Haney, Jacob Rupp, Becky Lynn, Chris Johnson, Tom Bomb, Jason Anderson; Hosted by Josh Argyle.

Bob Ross Composition Comparison Competition
8 p.m. @ The Jam - $7/18+
“Comics compete attempting to create the most accurate representation of a Bob Ross Composition from his famous show The Joy of Painting.”
Hosted by Chaz Logan Hyde. Featuring Jesse Hett, Bobby Benedict, Tiffany Greysen, Robert Berry, Jon Alcabes, Coor Cohen, Riley Fox, Emma Pace Jonas

Stand-up Showcase
8 p.m. @ Northtown Coffee - $5/18+
George Baltzer, James Wood, Mike Hawkburns, Jared Richard, Jane Malone; Hosted by Tony Persico.

Stand-up Showcase
8 p.m. @ Veterans Memorial Building (Main Stage) - $10/18+
Howard Kremer, David Gborie, Greg Edwards, Cornell Reid, Leslie Small, Saul Trujillo, Nicole Calasich, Josh Barnes; Hosted by Seth Milstein.

Stand-up Showcase
8:30 pm @ The Alibi - $5/21+
Paul Danke, Tess Barker, Keith Bergman, Cheryl White, Dash Kwiatkowski, Caitlin Weierhauser, Gabby Jesus, Cory Barringer, Brooke Elizabeth; Hosted by James Stephen.

Stand-up Showcase
9 p.m. @ Eureka Inn (Palm Lounge) - $5/21+

Nando Molina, Dro Knows, Joe Gorman, Samantha Gilweit, Isaac Kozell, Ivan Garcia, Robert Jenkins, Tommy Lucero; Hosted by Jessica Grant.

Stand-up Showcase
9 p.m. @ Veterans Memorial Building (Bar Stage) - $5/21+
Joe Wagner, Andrew Holmgren, Michael Cella, Richard Bain, Drew Harmon, Yusef Roach, Alex Rios, Lydia Manning, Dave Mascorro; Hosted by Kim Hodges.

Too Much Fun
10 p.m. @ Veterans Memorial Building (Main Stage) - $15/18+
Hosted by the legendary Fine Gentleman’s Club out of Denver: Sam Tallent, Nathan Lund and Chris Charpentier.
With Johnny Pemberton, Miriam Moreno, Nick Rutherford, DJ Douggpound.


Illuminati By Nature Live Recording
12 p.m. @ The Jam - $2/18+
“Humboldt comedian Dutch Savage’s podcast about supernatural, paranormal, conspiracies and everything in between.”
With guests Bobby Benedict, Joe Gorman, John McClurg, Scott Bowser.

Stand-up Showcase
1 p.m. @ The Jam - $3/18+
Jacob Rupp, George Baltzer, Zach Welch, Connor Martin, Riley Fox, Don Ashby, Pablo Oseguera, TJ Hudson; Hosted by Roger Stafford.

Stand-up Showcase
3 p.m. @ Northtown Coffee - $5/18+
Greg Edwards, Keith D, Caitlin Weierhauser, Ben Kolina, Parker Newman, Alex Rios, Sam DiSalvo, Jim McVeigh; Hosted by Evan Vest.

Just Two Minutes
3 p.m. @ The Jam - $5/18+
“Comics are given limited time to come up with jokes on randomly selected topics and in random styles.”
Hosted by Josh Argyle. Chris Charpentier, Leslie Small, Jesse Hett, Samantha Gilweit, Dro Knows, Ivy Vasquez, James Stephen, Joe Wagner.

Stand-up Showcase
5 p.m. @ The Jam - $5/18+
Sam Tallent, Adam Pasi, Dash Thompson, Gabby Poccia, Alfonso Portela, Shahera Hyatt, James Wood; Hosted by Dr. Foxmeat.

Stand-up Showcase
5 p.m. @ Arcata Playhouse - $5/18+
Cheryl White, Erik Krasner -, Ruby Gill, Robert Jenkins, Michael Sevigny, Tom Bombs, Drea Meyers, Scott Powers; Hosted by Jessica Grant.

Stand-up Showcase
5 p.m. @ Northtown Coffee - $5/18+
Charles Hoffa Kelly, Nicole Love, Drew Harmon, Reggie Rahming, Andy Garcia, Miriam Moreno, Connor Marshall, Jaclyn Weiand; Hosted by Scott Bowser.

Stand-up Showcase
5 p.m. @ Blondies Food & Drink - $5/18+
Emma Pace Jonas, Josh Barnes, Luke Lockfeld, Cory Barringer, Kelly Richardson, Julian Salyer, Shwa Smith, Jason Anderson; Hosted by Trevor Lockwood.

Redbeard’s Improv Extravaganza
6 p.m. @ Arcata Theatre Lounge - $5/18+
“Matt Redbeard’s Improvathon with fest gusts and local drop ins!”

Stand-up Showcase
6 p.m. @ Humboldt Brews - $5/21+
Nathan Lund, Emily Van Dyke, Isaac Kozell, Dave Losso, Emma Haney, Joe Tullar, Gabby Jesus, Nando Molina; Hosted by Sam Weber.

Stand-up Showcase
7 p.m. @ Blondies Food & Drink, - $5/18+
Moore Devine, Lydia Manning, Jon Alcabes, Chris Johnson, Coor Cohen, Ben Rice; Hosted by Joe Gorman.

Stand-up Showcase
7 p.m. @ Arcata Playhouse - $5/18+
Adam Jacobs, Tess Barker, Michael Cella, Nicole Calasich, Jaime Fernandez, Ivan Garcia, Becky Lynn, Caleb Duffy; Hosted by Jared Richard.

Ghost Roast
8 p.m. @ The Jam - $5/18+
“Comedians rip on the RIP.
Hosted by Matt Redbeard. With Joe Wagner, Andrea B, Yusef Roach, Allison Rose, Saul Trujillo, John Davis, Andrew Holmgren, Josh Argyle, Richard Bain, Sara Rooker.

Stand-up Showcase
8 p.m. @ Humboldt Brews - $10/21+
Billy Wayne Davis, Sam Tallent, Tiffany Greysen, Seth Milstein, Pat Sievert, Leslie Small, Zeke Herrera, Trevor Lockwood; Hosted by Kim Hodges.

Festival Closing Show
10 p.m. @ Arcata Theatre Lounge - $15/18+ 
Johnny Pemberton, Howard Kremer, DJ Douggpound, Samantha Gilweit, David Gborie, Paul Danke, Nick Rutherford, Cornell Reid, Greg Edwards; Hosted by Andrew Holmgren.