Jason Anthony Warren Trial Pushed to September

John Ross Ferrara / Thursday, July 16 @ 3:11 p.m. / Courts

Jason Anthony Warren

The trial of accused murderer Jason Anthony Warren has been postponed until Sept. 14.

Judge Timothy P. Cissna granted defense attorney Glenn Brown’s motion for continuance today, due to an ongoing investigation.

Warren is accused of killing Dorothy Ulrich of Hoopa and Humboldt State University professor Suzanne Seemann during two separate incidents in 2012. Two other women were also seriously injured in the same incident that killed Seemann.

Warren pleaded not guilty to both murder charges in 2013.




Major Vegetation Fire in Manila (PHOTOS)

Andrew Goff / Thursday, July 16 @ 2:52 p.m. / Fire!

UPDATE, 4:37 p.m.: The Outpost spoke with Arcata Fire District Commander Sean Campbell, who gave the following description of today’s events.

And here are some photos of the mop-up and smoldering aftermath.

No structures were damaged in the fire.

Smoldering shrubs.

A crew works clean-up.


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UPDATE, 4:21 p.m.: Firefighters are reporting that the fire is under control, surrounded by “a wet line,” but it’s not fully extinguished yet. TheOutpost’s Andrew Goff and John Ferrara are on the scene and report that there’s fire damage on both the eastern and western sides of State Route 255, which remains closed.

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By John Ferrara.

Video by John Ferrara

UPDATE, 3:52 p.m.: CalFire reports that the blaze is roughly five acres in size and the multi-agency response continues. No info yet on the cause of the fire.

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UPDATE, 3:30 p.m.: Firefighters, who have deployed via helicopter, truck and boat, are starting to get the blaze under control, though scanner traffic indicates that the fire is not fully contained. While smoke is still billowing miles inland, a fire official reports over the scanner that three of four divisions battling the blaze have containment. “As soon as we have the water tenders here, we should have it contained within an hour,” the official reported.

Blue Lake, Fieldbrook and Loleta fire department have sent water tenders to the peninsula. State Route 255 remains closed on both sides of the fire — meaning the bridges between the peninsula and Eureka as well as the stretch of road between the western end of the bridges and Manila.

The following three photos were submitted by Outpost reader Kory:


By John Ferrara.



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Photos Ken Malcomson

UPDATE, 3:01 p.m.: The fire is rapidly spreading. According to scanner traffic, aircraft is being utilized to target the fire where it is approaching a structure.  

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Original Post: Numerous LoCO readers alert us to heavy smoke emanating from the Samoa peninsula. Arcata Fire District confirms to KHUM Radio that they are responding to a vegetation fire on Vance Avenue. CHP has State Route 255 closed on both sides of the smoke.

Friend of the LoCO Ken Malcomson sends in the attached shots. We will update this post when we know more.


Marijuana Nonprofit Offers Advice to Growers Worried About a Visit From the Law

Ryan Burns / Thursday, July 16 @ 10:31 a.m. / marijuana

Here’s a press release issued Wednesday from Americans for Safe Access:

ASA would like farmers to know that they can take some precautionary measure this time of year to help secure their property should they be visited by or concerned about a visit from law enforcement. The following information is not meant to be legal advice and folks with questions should consult with their attorney.

First off it’s always a good idea to prepare a farm folder, that shows all pertinent regulatory compliance information. Make sure that the materials in the farm folder are copies and store the originals away from the farm where they are safe.

1. Small domestic water use permit from the water boards (everyone needs this)

2. If using ground water - 1602 permit from DFW

3. If drawing water from a well - the county permit for the well

4. If storing water in a tank, bladder or container of 5.000 gallons or more the County permit for the tank and the flat it sits on

5. If the farm has flats or terraces that are man made then the county permits, or paperwork from the engaged engineer helping the land owner file the permit paperwork

6. Prop 215 compliance paperwork such as patient recommendations, articles of incorporation, dispensary contracts, collective agreements, etc.

7. Tape a copy of the farm folder to the garden gate, or main entrance into the cartilage of the property/homestead area. Farm folders can be posted in multiple locations if that feels appropriate.

If there is concern about law enforcement activity in your neighborhood and/or a visit from law enforcement consider taking the following steps to prepare your family and property.

1. Remove all guns and ammo from the property and never store on the same property where medical cannabis is grown or present.

2. Remove all valuables such as cash, jewelry, passports, etc.

3. Mark the water level in your water thanks with chalk, noting today’s date and photo the marked tank as well as the outgoing intact waterline

4. Do the same for any fuel reserves on site

5. Photo all medical cannabis gardens and collective or patient information. Try to show that the medical and compliance paperwork is clearly visible and pertaining to the garden in the pictures you take.

6. Upload these photos to a drop box or cloud based file that is accessible regardless of loss of phone, camera, or computer

Set up a phone tree with your neighbors and know who, if any, of your neighbors are available to be citizen observers. During the days of CAMP, peaceful citizen observation was key to reducing inappropriate law enforcement actions. All citizen observation needs to be polite and non-confrontational.

ASA strongly urges that cultivators have their paperwork on site at all times. If you wish to remain at your location, be prepared with your complete paperwork and remember that ASA recommends exercising your Fifth Amendment right by saying “I choose to remain silent.” to any questions and then remain silent. For more information about your rights, please visit http://www.safeaccessnow.org/law_enforcement_encounters_know_y our_rights.

We will be communicating with Redheaded Blackbelt and KMUD radio tomorrow [Thursday] so please tune in for updates. Law enforcement sightings and interactions can be reported to KMUD radio, Kym Kemp of Redheaded Blackbelt, or to Kristin Nevedal of Americans for Safe Access.

KMUD – 707-923-3811
Kym Kemp – mskymkemp@gmail.com
Kristin Nevedal – 707-498-9877 or Kristin@safeaccessnow.org

(PHOTOS) #Arcata24hr: Be Ready For Your Closeup All Day Today, Arcata

Andrew Goff / Thursday, July 16 @ 9:48 a.m. / Pictures

2:15 a.m.: “Game Over” | Photos Leon Villagomez

Regardless of how you define the term, most Humboldters would agree that Arcata is our region’s most colorful population cluster — from the Plaza’s class collisions to the serenity of the Marsh, from the starkness of the Bottoms to the youthful bustle of Humboldt State University. Some of Humboldt’s other burgs won’t admit it, but they’re totally jealous of your mojo, Arcata. Keep on. 

In celebration of that aliveness, local photographer and LoCO superfriend Leon Villagomez has set aside 24 hours of his time on this planet to specifically chronicle a day in the life of his current home. We are in the middle of said allotment now. Surprise! 

Because everything needs a hashtag these days, for this particular project he’s going with #Arcata24hr. We are almost 10 hours in and it seems to be going pretty well. If Arcata has a place in your heart (or even if it doesn’t), LoCO would highly encourage y’all to follow Leon on Instagram and <3 his shots. 

Leon was kind enough to let us grab a few pics, see below. Again, way more here.

12:20 a.m.: “Bed Time”

6:10 a.m.: “Poet”

7:33 a.m.: “Todd”

7:17 a.m.: “Victorian”

8:58 a.m.: “Do Not Disturb”

8:28 a.m.: “Yes!”


Eureka Continues Sweeps on Homeless Living Behind Bayshore Mall, Citing ‘Mounds of Trash’

Ryan Burns / Wednesday, July 15 @ 6:06 p.m. / Crime

File photo from the EPD’s March 17 Devil’s Playground raid. Andrew Goff.

Press release from the City of Eureka:

The City of Eureka will be enforcing the “No Camping” ordinance and the Eureka Police Department gave a warning “notice to vacate” to those camping on public or private lands within the City of Eureka. Those specifically camping behind the area of the Bayshore Mall were warned to remove all personal property within ten days.

Today, Officers and Detectives contacted 113 individuals and arrested one for an outstanding felony warrant. The individuals were warned to comply with the notice to vacate or enforcement action will be taken in the future. A full list of local resources were once again provided to all individuals. EPD will continue to give warnings and provide service options before moving to citations and arrests. Routine clean-up of the marsh areas will continue every Thursday to ensure that City property is maintained for public use.

Available local resources include assistance for food, clothing, shelter, mental health and drug and alcohol treatment. The City hopes that those needing assistance will take steps to obtain services. Unfortunately, that has not been occurring. The Eureka Rescue Mission is a prime example of available services that go unused. In June, the Mission had a capacity for 60 men and 33 women, however, most days it operated at half of that capacity. (See graph.)

The City can no longer afford to ignore this illegal activity. The risk associated with the ongoing illegal activity is too great of a liability to the City of Eureka. In addition, the City has received complaints from the Environmental Protection Agency, California Coastal Commission and residents concerning the mounds of trash and resulting pollution due to the homeless population that lives behind the Bayshore Mall.

City Manager Greg Sparks commented that “the City of Eureka believes it is critical to enforce clean-up and end camping on public property in the environmentally sensitive marsh and green belt areas of the community. These areas need to be available for the enjoyment of all our residents and our visitors.”


LoCO SPORTS: Arcata Little League All-Stars Headed to NorCal Championship Tournament

Ryan Burns / Wednesday, July 15 @ 5:46 p.m. / Good News , LoCO Sports!

Arcata 10/11 All Stars (left to right): Sierra Baldwin, Brodie Sargent, Finn Murphy, Riley Mosher, Xavier Finnegan, Mason Nickols, Nick Parker, Aero McDonald, Alex Gorge, Hudson Mierau, Abram Rau, Isaiah Levy.  Not shown: Head Coach Mike Smith and assistant coaches Marty Conti, Frank Bisio, and Buzz Parker.

The 10- and 11-year-olds pictured above are headed to Petaluma for the NorCal State Little League Championship Tournament after a thrilling 13-11 victory over Chico last night in the District 1, Section 2 All Star Championship Final.

The Arcata All Stars have been on quite a run in recent weeks. After earning a tournament victory here in Humboldt County (aka District 26), the All-Stars headed to Redding for the 2015 California District 1 Section 2 Little League All-Star tournament. There they went 3-0, beating Red Bluff 10-3, Chico 5-4 (with a walk-off single) and finally Chico again in the championship game.

Assistant Coach Buzz Parker told LoCO that the team has been fueled by “really good support in the community,” including travel expenses donated through a gofundme campaign

After the local tournament, Parker said, “We just had really good momentum, and we took that to Redding.”

Below is a video of Parker’s son, Nick, throwing the final pitch in last night’s game. You can check out the team’s Facebook page here, or donate to the gofundme campaign to help pay for the upcoming trip to Petaluma.

City of Rio Dell a Little Peeved About Having to Clean Up Someone’s Illegally Discarded Cannabis Farming Materials

Andrew Goff / Wednesday, July 15 @ 4:32 p.m. / marijuana

A Rio Dell City dump truck filled with illegally discarded cannabis growing materials

City of Rio Dell press release:

Public Works crews were called in to clean up an illegal dumping of cannabis growing materials including soil, fertilizer, planters and other related debris. The dump site was located just off Monument Road and much of the material was thrown down steep Poison‐Oak covered embankments causing a hazard for work crews. Nearly a half‐ton of material had been removed by mid‐day on Wednesday July 15th.

“If not removed, all of this nitrogen rich fertilizer would have eventually washed into the river helping to fuel any green algae bloom we might see.” Stated Randy Jensen, the Roadway & Water Superintendent for the City. Flows in the Eel River continue to match the record low flows from last year. A Rio Dell City dump truck filled with illegally discarded cannabis growing materials, July 15, 2015