Articles by Hank Sims

February 2024

Here is a New State Law That Will Drive Some Eureka Drivers (and Car-Parkers) Absolutely Insane

JUDGE RACE: Deputy District Attorney Launches Write-In Bid; Van Dyke Issues Statement on Her Facial Paralysis

Supervisor Forums! The KEET/League of Women Voters Debates are In the Books, and Here’s a Place for You to Catch Up on What Was Said

Pro-Palestinian Activist Charged With Vandalism, Making a False Police Report in Connection With October Incident, Cal Poly Humboldt Says

It’s ELECTION LIMERICK Time Once Again! Please Send Us Your Letters of Support For Local Candidates and Measures, But Only in the Form of a Limerick

PISTOLS for TWO: An Exchange of Letters on the Eureka Housing for All Initiative and the Outpost’s Coverage Thereof

January 2024

(UPDATES) FLOODING! The Water is Starting to Drown Roadways in the County, and It’ll Probably Get Worse

Here Comes the Atmospheric River! Batten Down, Get Ready For Strong Wind and Heavy Precipitation

(PHOTOS) The Biggest Federal Grant in Humboldt History? Huffman, Assorted Worthies Gather on Woodley Island to Celebrate $426 Million in Infrastructure Funding for Offshore Wind

Karen Diemer, Arcata’s City Manager for Nearly the Last 10 Years, Announces Her Impending Retirement

If You Did Not Have a Chance to Enjoy Our Monster King Tides Today, You Will Have Another Opportunity Tomorrow

Assm. Jim Wood Introduces Bill to Make Dungeness Crab the Official State Crustacean

The New Yorker Checks in on a Scotia Still in Transition

December 2023

(VIDEO) Local Naturalist Griff Just Can’t Stop Going Viral, This Time With a TikTok About What Happens When a Redwood Tree Falls

The Top 25 Stories of 2023! It Was the Best of Years and it Was the Worst of Years, but Overall It Was a Pretty Normal Year

Eureka City Schools Board of Trustees Unanimously Votes for So-Called ‘Land Exchange’ With Mystery Developer

Mystery Item on Tonight’s Eureka City School Agenda Suggests Imminent Action on Jacobs Campus, but the School District Won’t Share Details

The Spring Ballot is Set Which Means it’s Time for the Glorious Return of LoCO Elections, Your Q&A-With-the-Candidates Site

BREAKING: Supervisor Mike Wilson Has Vowed to Curb His Usage of the Phrase ‘With Relationship To’

In Open Letter to the City, Eureka Police Department Rank-and-File Ask For Public’s Understanding and Help in Face of Severe Understaffing

McK High Parents Express Frustration and Fear in Face of Lockdowns; Sheriff’s Office Says it Believes That It’s Close to Identifying a Suspect

November 2023

(UPDATING) McKinleyville High School on Lockdown

Caltrans and the City are Getting Ready to Redo the Murals on the Utility Boxes on the Highway 101 Corridor Through Eureka, and Some of the Previous Artists are Perturbed

HUH? The Catalina Island Ferry Seems to be Docked in Eureka This Morning

Don’t Be Fooled by the Fake ‘Humboldt Paws Cause’ Lookalike Facebook Page Some Asshole Set Up to Scam Desperate People Out of Their Money

Sunset Heights! It’ll be That New City Housing Development Up By Winco, and the City Would Like to Hear Your Thoughts About It

And Yet Another Crash in Eureka Has Closed One Lane of Broadway

Another Two-Car Collision on Henderson Sends Three to the Hospital

Fatal Crash Near Henderson Center Closes I Street

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Houseless Cal Poly Students and Their Supporters Gather in the Rain to Protest Eviction of People Living in Their Vehicles on Campus

October 2023

Key Senators Announce Intention to Subpoena Rob Arkley in Supreme Court Ethics Probe

Backers of Pro-Parking Lot ‘Housing for All’ Initiative Say They’ve Filed a Lawsuit Against the City of Eureka Because They Believe They Should be on the Spring Ballot Rather Than the Fall Ballot

Cal Poly Humboldt Says Effort to Reach 11,000 Students in Coming Years is ‘Still on Track,’ Despite Relatively Flat Enrollment This Year; Next Year’s Budget at Risk

September 2023

Senator Dianne Feinstein Has Died

(UPDATE) Highway 101 Closed Near Standish Hickey Due to Semi Truck Crash

BATTEN DOWN! A Decent-Sized Storm Looks Like It’s Going to Blow Through, With Big Rain Monday or Tuesday

(PHOTOS) The Historic Hōkūleʻa, a Living Symbol of Polynesian Culture and Heritage, Will be Docked in Eureka for the Next Couple of Days

(UPDATING) Eureka High on Hard Lockdown as Police Investigate Off-Campus Incident

INTRODUCING: A New LoCO Feature That Acquaints You With the Plants, Animals, Mushrooms and Other Various Lifeforms You Share Space With

August 2023

Action on South Fork Fires Near Dinsmore Prompts Evacuation Warning

Interested in the Arcata Police Department’s Purchase and Use of Military-Grade Gear? There’s a Meeting for That Tonight

SoHum is Getting New Fire Trucks: In a Press Conference This Morning, Sen. McGuire Announces New State Funding for a Big Equipment Upgrade

‘60 Minutes’ Pays a Visit to the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm, Which is Located Near an English Town Not Completely Unlike Eureka

July 2023

Local Group Announces Intent to Stop the City of Eureka’s Conversion of Downtown Parking Lots Into Housing With New Ballot Measure

Grand Jury Dings County Supervisors, Top Administration for Chaotic Information Management

(PHOTOS) They’re Sprucing Up the Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! Choose Your Own Humboldt Fourth of July Adventure With Our Handy Guide to Local Festivities!

June 2023

Can You Guess How Many Hours of Sunshine We’ve Had This Year? Will This Godforsaken Miserable Weather Never End?

THE PIPPEN FILES: Uh, So, Was That Scottie Pippen At Shamus T. Bones Last Night or Was It Not?

(UPDATE: UMM….) A Bunch of Local Ballers Ran Into Scottie Pippen at Shamus T. Bones Tonight (Or Not)