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Articles by Hank Sims

November 2022

(UPDATING) Klamath Dam Removal Clears Final Federal Hurdle; Historic Decomissioning of Four Hydropower Dams to Begin Next Year

With 10,000 More Ballots Counted, Cervantes Pulls Farther Ahead; Fullerton Lead Shrinks; Around 20,000 Ballots Still to be Tallied

POLLZ: Please Tell Us Who You Think Won the Election, Because We Don’t Know

ELECTION RESULTS: Few Votes Counted on Election Night, Leaving Many Races Up in the Air; Matthews, White Look Like Locks in Arcata

(UPDATING) ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS! Follow Live! All the Vote Counts as They Happen, Plus Scene Reports From the Parties! The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat!

The Last-Minute Voter’s Guide to Actually Filling Out and Turning in Your Damn Ballot!

October 2022

Harbor District Announces Massive Offshore Wind Partnership; Project Would Lead to an 86-Acre Redevelopment of Old Pulp Mill Site

There Seems to Be a Fresh Crop of Imaginary Young Women Suddenly Very Interested in Arcata Politics!

IT’S ON: Humboldt Offshore Wind Leases to Go Up For Auction on Dec. 6

(VIDEO) Sheriff’s Office Releases Body Cam Footage From July Car Chase, Exchange of Gunfire in Eureka

They’ve Whittled it Down to Three New Wiyot Names for 20/30 Park, and You Can Vote on Your Favorite

Eureka is Budgeting $75,000 in Walking Around Money for a Select Group of Citizens to Spend on Local Projects, and It’s Offering a $100 Stipend to Up to 50 People Selected to Serve

It’s CAMPAIGN FORUM Season! Here’s an Updating Schedule of Events Featuring Your Candidates for City Council and More

INTRODUCING: Eduardo Ruffcorn-Barragán, the Newest Addition to Team LoCO!

September 2022

Sheriff William Honsal Offered Deputies a $40 Dutch Bros Gift Card to Find Supervisor Mike Wilson’s Stolen Vehicle

Eureka Police Investigating Shots Fired Into a Residence Near St. Bernard’s Last Night

HUMBOLDT BAYWATCH: It’s Migratory Shorebird Season!


HUMBOLDT BAYWATCH: Egrets? I’ve Had a Few

August 2022

LoCO Elections is Back! Here is a Convenient Forum to Grill Candidates for Local City Councils and More!

EUREKA COUNCIL RACES SET! Castellano to Run Unopposed; Head-to-Head Races in Third, Fifth Wards; Another Week for Mayoral Nomations

The Outpost’s John Ross Ferrara Has Logged Off

Big Public Meetings on Nordic Aquafarms and Arcata’s Gateway Area Plan Tonight

The Dolos is Still There, But The Trees Are Gone

July 2022

The Fishing Boat Miss Katie Briefly Threatened to Sink to the Bottom of the Woodley Island Marina, but She Has Risen Again

A Big Week for the Arcata Gateway Area Plan: Planning Commission, Historical Landmarks Committee to Look at the Area’s Past and Future

The Humboldt Chronicles, Your Monthly Roundup of Cannabis News and Features, Talks About the Changing Regulatory Landscape

The NWS’s Local Doppler Radar Station is Back Online and Stronger Than Ever, Just in Time for Fire Season

Buhne and Harrison Fully Blocked Following High-Speed Chase, Reportedly With Shots Fired

ELECTION REDUX: It’s Almost Time to Take Out Those Papers to Run For City Office!

June 2022

ELECTION UPDATE: With a Little More Than 6,000 More Ballots Counted Since Last Week, Natalie Arroyo a Lock for Next Fourth District Supervisor

BROADWAY POP-UPS! Caltrans is Gonna Test Some Stuff to Maybe Improve the Hellscape That is Eureka’s Southern Gateway, and There’ll be a Virtual Meeting About it Next Week if You Want to Check That Out

ELECTION UPDATE! With 9,080 More Votes Counted, Arroyo Scoots Way Up Into No-Runoff-Needed Territory

Grand Jury Calls For Easier Ways to Report Elder Abuse in Humboldt County, Plus a Greater Emphasis on Shelters for Homeless Senior Citizens

A Plane Made an Emergency Landing in the Arcata Bottoms This Afternoon

(VIDEO) Firefighters Scrambling to Put Out Series of Roadside Blazes Along Vance Avenue in Samoa

ELECTION UPDATE! Arroyo’s Lead Ticks Back Up After Elections Office Counts About 3,600 More Votes

Let’s Fix Up Hydesville! Caltrans Will Host a Public Meeting Next Week, and it Would Like Your Ideas on How to Spruce Up Highway 36 Through the Town That I Just Realized Has No Nickname

(VIDEO) An Orca Pod Cruised Humboldt Bay on This Blessed Day

ELECTION NIGHT FINAL! Dillingham, Eads, Madrone, Stillman With Big Leads; Fourth District Supervisor Race Teetering on Runoff for Arroyo; Reports From Campaign Parties and More!

It’s ELECTION DAY! If You Haven’t Voted Yet, You Need to Do That By 8 P.M. Celebrate Democracy!

(LIVE) Karen Paz Dominguez Addresses Critical Grand Jury Report on the Courthouse Steps

COAL TRAIN NOT DEAD: Shadowy Corporation Files its Paperwork After the Deadline Due to ‘Vacation Travel Delays,’ Hopes Federal Surface Transportation Board Will Give it a Pass

May 2022

Thieves Steal Old-Growth Redwood Logs From McKay Community Forest; County Environmental Services Asks For Public’s Help in Getting Them Back

The City of Arcata Will to Have to Live With Brett Watson for a Few More Months, as the Councilmember Refuses to Allow Himself to Feel Shame or Remorse

Brett Watson, You Must Resign: An Open Letter From 50+ Local Women Leaders

Surface Transportation Board Ruling Issues Serious Blow to Annie and Mary Trail Efforts, Opens Door for Coal Train Interests to Make Their Case to Scuttle Great Redwood Rail-to-Trail

We Would Like to Point Out, in the Gentlest Possible Fashion, That This Times-Standard Story is Incorrect

(UPDATE: POLE TO BE MOVED BEHIND THE GAZEBO) Eureka Installs Surveillance Tower at the Gazebo; Four More Permanent ‘Lot Cops’ to be Built Around Town

(UPDATE) Investigation Sustains Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Arcata City Councilmember Brett Watson; Former Mayor Was ‘Obsessed’ With Staff Member, Report Finds