Have you written an obituary that the Lost Coast Outpost has published? Steven Hadley — formerly a star student at Eureka High, currently at the University of Chicago — would like to talk with you.

Since he’s been a little bit homesick in snowbound Chicago, Steven has become an avid reader of the Outpost obituaries. It helps him connect with the places and people he calls home. Now he has an oral history class, and as a project for that class he’d like to talk with an obituary writer about their relationship with their loved one.

Steven says:

I would like them to know that it would be a two-hour audio interview conducted on Zoom, they would receive an unedited copy of the interview as well as the edited version when it’s complete, and that it would only be played for my oral history class unless they permit me to play it elsewhere.

Sound appealing? Such a recording might be a nice thing to pass on to your kids and grandkids. You can reach Steven at shadley1@uchicago.edu or 707-407-5255. He would love to hear from you.