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Articles by John Hardin

March 2016

HARDIN: A Sad Story of Cruelty and Abuse

HARDIN: Call it Marijuana

February 2016

HARDIN: What’s a Picture Worth?

HARDIN: Thank You, Jentri Anders

HARDIN: My Doctor Got Busted

HARDIN: The Only Thing Humboldt County Has Going For It Is Hippies

January 2016

HARDIN: Marketing Humboldt Weed — Have We Really Thought This Through?

HARDIN: I Watch the Supes Make Sausage

HARDIN: I Know Where the Bodies are Buried

HARDIN: The Myth of Mom and Pop Grower

December 2015

HARDIN: SoHum 2015 — The Year in Review

HARDIN: ’Twas The Night Before Christmas in Humboldt

HARDIN: SoHum — It’s More of a Casino Than a Community

November 2015

HARDIN: On Cannabis Consciousness

HARDIN: I Give Thanks

HARDIN: LoCO, Me and the Truth About Southern Humboldt

HARDIN: Humboldt Pot, a Petroleum Product

HARDIN: Class, or Class War

October 2015

HARDIN: Understanding SoHum’s ‘Local Economy’

HARDIN: Let’s Not Market Our Premium Cannabis to Morons

HARDIN: Columbus’ People Rule

JOHN HARDIN: This Isn’t a Bomb Either

September 2015

HARDIN: What the Gyppo Ale Mill Controversy Says About SoHum

HARDIN: Free the Weed, Screw the Economy

TRIMMIGRANTS: Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenida, to SoHum!

HARDIN: Choice and Change in Humboldt County

August 2015

JOHN HARDIN: Humboldt County’s Nuclear Caviar

SoHum in August: Come for the Smoke, Stay for the Helicopters

JOHN HARDIN: Red-Tagging Gavin Newsom’s Blue Ribbon Panel

July 2015

JOHN HARDIN: SoHum’s Post-War Potential

The Cannabis Economy Costs More Than You Think