Articles by Eduardo Ruffcorn-Barragán

May 2023

SCENE REPORT: Humboldt is Goth as Heck! Here’s a Brief and Incomplete History of the Local Goth Culture, With Some Scenesters’ Thoughts on Why Goth Rules

April 2023

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: If You Have the Skills and the Hustle, You Can Make a Go of It With Fine Art Jewelry After the Weed Industry Collapses

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: A Swimwear Business? In Humboldt County? This Brazilian Expat is Making a Go of It With Fashion-Forward Designs and a Social Conscience

March 2023

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: Care for Some Mushrooms in Your Hot Chocolate? This Local Entrepreneur is Betting That You Will

February 2023

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: A Full-Time Mom and Part-Time Bartender Sells Spicy Content Online To Make a Living

January 2023

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: Marco Alvarez, ‘El Hombre Torcido,’ Will Break Your Heart for Tips in Two Languages

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: Lynn Jones Makes Fine Art For the Masses With Her Beautiful Old Machines

December 2022

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: Meet the Boxing Instructor Who Found Her Groove by Clarifying Butter for the Masses

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: For a Reasonable Fee, Clyde Dalton Will Bring His Souped-Up Mobile Slaughterhouse to Your Residence and Kill Your Farm Animals For You

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: Empress Gennie Makes Community and Makes a Living With the Hair Skills Passed Down From Her Ancestors

November 2022

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: These Siblings Work to Play and Play to Work, and They’re Rocking Block Parties All Over the County

October 2022

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: Jam is Humboldt’s Premier Social Media-Driven Underwear Designer to Celebrities and Van Lifers

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: To Get Through the Lean Times, This Biologist Turned Himself Into a High-End Bladesmith

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: For These Entrepreneurs, a Mobile Bar Operating Out of a Horse Trailer Has Been Both a Business and a Path From Solitude to Community

THE HUMBOLDT HUSTLE: Meet the Instagram-Powered Master Baker With the 15-Second Commute