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Articles by Judy Lin

May 2020

In Information Age, Many Californians Struggle to Stay Informed

Farmers Must Diversify in a Post-Pandemic World, Ag Experts Say

California Just Revealed a $54.3 Billion Deficit — Worse Than the Great Recession

March 2020

As Coronavirus Spreads, Fears of Taking Down California’s Economy

February 2020

What Happens if California Takes Over PG&E?

January 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom to Propose That California Manufacture Its Own Generic Drugs

October 2019

California’s Labor Chief Wants the Jobs of the Future — and She Wants Them to Cut Inequality

September 2019

Labor Had a Banner Year in California — Now Will Workers Unionize?

PG&E Offers $18 Billion for Wildfires — Less Than Half Would Go Directly to Victims

What Happens to Uber and Lyft Drivers Once AB 5 Passes? Plus: Everything Else You Need to Know About the Coming ‘Gig Worker’ Crackdown

August 2019

How Much Could PG&E’s Rates Rise? What You Need to Know

July 2019

California Wants to Allow Credit Cards at the DMV, but It’ll Cost You a Fee

From Strip Clubs to Strip Malls, How 2 Million Workers Could Be Swept Up in a Bill Aimed at the Gig Economy

June 2019

Meet Your New California State Budget! Lots of Spending on Health Care, Education, Housing and the Working Poor; Not as Many New Taxes as Some Had Feared

May 2019

California Chamber of Commerce Releases Study on New ‘Service Taxes’ Proposed By State Legislator

How Much Do You and Your Neighbors Pay in State Taxes?

Five Takeaways From Newsom’s Revised Budget Plan

March 2019

California Has a Giant Surplus … of Ideas for New Taxes. What’s Up With That?

February 2019

Between Floods, Fires and Quakes, Should California Government Just Take Out a Big Disaster Insurance Policy on Itself?