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Articles by Julie Cart

March 2023

Newsom’s Climate Budget Would Slash Funds That Protect Coast

Jump-Starting Electric Car Batteries: Will Supply Problems Stall California’s Mandate?

December 2022

California’s Residential Solar Rules Overhauled

BY THE NUMBERS: California’s Mild 2022 Wildfire Season

November 2022

California Commission Overhauls Rooftop Solar Proposal

August 2022

Wrangling Over Renewable Energy: Counties Push Back on Newsom Administration Usurping Local Control

June 2022

Slow Burn: Cal Fire Has Failed to Fight PTSD, Heavy Workloads

March 2022

Audit: California Utilities Aren’t Doing Enough to Reduce Wildfire Threats

November 2021

Winged Warning: Migrating Birds Hit Hard by California’s Drought

July 2021

Thieves Are Stealing California’s Scarce Water. Where’s It Going? Illegal Marijuana Farms

April 2021

Unwelcome and Tough to Evict: California’s Costly, Uphill Battle Against Invasive Species

March 2021

Coastal Commission Phases Out Offroading at Southern California Dune Complex

Rising Seas, Worsening Wildfires Endanger California Parks

February 2021

Will California’s Desert Be Transformed Into Lithium Valley?

September 2020

California’s Ancient ‘Asbestos’ Forests No Longer Seem Immune

August 2020

Wildfire Funding Bill Poised to Die in California Legislature

The West Is Burning, So California Struggles to Find Help Fighting Its Wildfires

California Lawmakers Propose Last-Minute Bill Providing Funds for Fighting Wildfires

June 2020

Filling Trump Void, California Steps in to Protect Birds, Wetlands

April 2020

Back Off the Beach and the Rising Sea? No Way, California Cities Say

March 2020

California Starts Recruiting Retired and Student Doctors, Nurses to Handle Surge in Severely Sick People

To Help Californians Endure Fire-Related Power Cutoffs, State Ponders New Rules for Utilities

January 2020

Bonds on the Ballot: Will Billions of Dollars Help California Cope With Climate Change?

November 2019

Five Things to Know About Microgrids

October 2019

California Pursues a Holy Grail: High-Tech Data to Predict How Wildfire Will Spread

Cleaning Up Paradise as a Grim Anniversary Nears

September 2019

Demise of Key Environment Bill Could Escalate California’s Water Wars

Water Dispute Bedevils Bill to Blunt Trump’s Environment Aims

August 2019

What to Know as California’s Peak Fire Months Loom

Can California Put Cars in the Rear-View Mirror?

July 2019

BLEEP BLOOP ZOOM: California Steers Toward a Future of Self-Driving Cars

California’s New Wildfire Plan: 5 Things to Know

June 2019

Newsom’s New Proposals on Wildfire Costs Walk a Political Tightrope

‘Clean’ Freight Traffic Is Elusive as California Rolls Toward Zero Emissions