Articles by LoCO Staff

March 2018

OBITUARY: Melvina Marie ‘Grandma Toots’ Rowland, 1934-2018

OBITUARY: David Prentiss Jones, 1942-2018

OBITUARY: Barry Charles Hay, 1946-2018

OBITUARY: Jimmy Dale Severe, 1948-2018

OBITUARY: Leilani Jean Whitten, 1946-2018

OBITUARY: Raymond Edward Christen, 1925-2018

OBITUARY: Frank F. Schmidt, 1925-2018

OBITUARY: LeAna J. Schnell, 1931-2018

OBITUARY: James Robert Mitchell, 1965-2018

OBITUARY: Richard Edward Moses, 1993-2018

OBITUARY: Rosemary ‘Rose’ Poletski, 1946-2018

OBITUARY: George Gillenwater, 1914-2018

(PHOTOS) Eureka Police Suspect This Guy of Vandalism and Would Like You to Tell Them Who He Is

One Arrested, One At Large in Connection With Walmart Robbery

OBITUARY: Thomasine B. Slater, 1929-2018

February 2018

OBITUARY: Athos Gale ‘Beercan’ Jackson, 1938-2018

OBITUARY: Maria dos Santos Soares Rafael, 1925-2018

OBITUARY: Barry Sauppe, 1947-2018

Two Arrested After Pursuit Through Eureka; Vehicle Search Uncovers Suspected Meth

OBITUARY: Charles Everett Dewberry Sr., 1924-2018

OBITUARY: Doris May Nolan, 1931-2018

OBITUARY: Ruthanne Cecil, 1945-2018

OBITUARY: Marion Fritz, 1930-2018

OBITUARY: Elizabeth Ann (‘Libby’) Palmquist, 1959-2018

OBITUARY: Wiley (“Dennis”) Brown, 1943-2018

OBITUARY: Keith Neal, 1954-2018

OBITUARY: Elisabeth Regina Wantt, 1929-2018

OBITUARY: Jean-Marie Meeks (Tanner), 1954-2018

OBITUARY: Paul Joseph Nicklas, 1947-2017

OBITUARY: Kay Jeannette (Fylling) Gabriel

Arcata Man Found Guilty of Carrying Concealed Dirk or Dagger, Other Charges

OBITUARY: Virginia Marie Springer, 1924-2018

OBITUARY: Della (June) Crockett, 1927-2018

OBITUARY: Jack Gordon Anderson, Jr., 1961-2018

OBITUARY: Timothy Arlen McKnight, 1955-2018

OBITUARY: Ken Fine, 1941-2017

OBITUARY: Arthur ‘Butch’ Gordon Brown, 1946-2018

OBITUARY: Robert Winn Eggink,1978-2018

OBITUARY: Charles Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Crumley, 1952-2018

OBITUARY: Donald Warren Bachman, 1936-2018

OBITUARY: Walter Douglas Thompson, 1939-2018

January 2018

OBITUARY: Inge Jeanette Hastings, 1936-2018

OBITUARY: Janell Lynn Rene, 1981-2018

OBITUARY: John Francis Burger, 1938-2018

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY TWELVE: Prosecution Calls Upon Cops to Undermine Defendant’s Recollection of Facts; Testimony Ends

OBITUARY: Robert Melvin Bode, 1951-2018

OBITUARY: Judi Lynn Lugo

OBITUARY: Karen Elaine Ward, 1955-2018

Sheriff’s Office Releases 2018 SoHum’s Most Wanted Poster

OBITUARY: Beverly A. Allen, 1928-2018