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Jason asks Alex Stillman, Kimberley White, Edith Rosen, Chase Marcum, Dana Quillman, Humnath Panta

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GAP (Gawd Awful Project)

The Gateway Area Plan is a bad idea. It will completely destroy life in Arcata as we know it. Will you vote against the Gateway Area Plan? Please?

— Jason


Alex Stillman

Choices were made years ago to develop housing in open spaces/agricultural lands or to preserve open space. It was decided to preserve open space and ag land for future generations to enjoy and not to create urban sprawl. Somewhere housing needs to go for those who do not have homeownership. Our workforce, teachers, nurses, resturant and store employees, fire fighters, police, government employees, etc.  need an opportunity to live in the community in which they work. Currently, Arcata’s height limit is 4 stories. I do support the Gateway concept to provide much needed housing.

Edith Rosen

Jason, I understand the concerns surrounding the Gateway Area Plan and the potential impacts it may have on our community.  As with any comprehensive planning, we must consider the next steps and consequences–whether intended or unintended, and ensure that contingency plans are in place, so that we are best prepared.  There is a lot at stake here.  Life as we know it continues to shift and evolve.  The past couple years have been a key example of this.  Unity creates resiliency. We must work together to find constructive, sustainable solutions to our housing crisis as we plan for population growth within Arcata.  I believe the Gateway Area Plan, with proper modifications and ample community input, will be part of the solution our community so desperately needs.

Kimberley White

Remember the Gateway Area Plan is a draft.  It is in the making and should be viewed as a living document in that it is not a done deal, by any means. I am interested in dismantling exclusive and oppressive ways of doing government by shifting and sharing power thus creating a more transparent, responsive and equitable government in the City of Arcata. The Gateway Area Plan is by the people, for the people, and must be community led.  

Arcata is in the midst of some very big changes with Cal Poly Humboldt, climate refugees coming to our community and the pandemic has ushered in a new way of working remotely. So many are coming from the city to our little oasis nestled in the redwoods on the coast.  Arcata is growing and we need to be proactive and plan for it. 

To that end, in order to have real public engagement and a true democratic process, the Gateway Area Plan needs to engage the community using a participatory action approach. This approach will lead to greater government transparency and accountability, and increased levels of public participation. It is designed to involve those left out of traditional methods of public engagement, such as low-income residents, non-citizens, and youth. It needs to include all voices, not just those that are privileged or who speak the loudest. It will be our citizens who will decide how to move forward and what it will look like as well as the desired density (how many stories high, etc.). 

I believe we can meet all our needs and be in harmony with nature and put people over profit through solidarity economy (pluralism, solidarity, equity, sustainability, and participatory democracy).  Also remember building housing will create jobs, but most importantly we must not forget those businesses already in the proposed Gateway Area that have already created jobs.  We do not want to jeopardize those businesses already there nor lose those jobs. We don’t want to lose our light industry in the Gateway Plan.  We must embody the values of economic and social justice, diversity, cooperation, self-management, and ecological sustainability.  Arcata used to be cutting edge and we can get there again, but we can no longer go on as if it is business as usual.