Man Sleeping in Downtown Eureka Bushes Woken, Stabbed

Hank Sims / Friday, April 24 @ 12:38 p.m. / Crime

From the Eureka Police Department:

On 04/24/15 at about 1:09 a.m., Officers were dispatched to the vicinity of 5th and N Streets for the report of a male that had just been stabbed.  Officers located the victim who had multiple bleeding cuts to both hands.  

The victim reported that he was sleeping in the bushes near 5th and N Streets, when he was awakened by a male subject standing over him with a knife and demanding money.  The victim said that when he told the suspect he did not have any money, the suspect began stabbing him with the knife.  

The victim was able to fend off the suspect, but sustained several cuts to his hands as a result.  The victim was transported to the hospital by ambulance with non life threatening injuries.  

The victim was unable to provide a description of the suspect, because the suspect had instructed him not to look at him.  Officers checked the vicinity but were unable to locate the suspect or witnesses.  Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Eureka Police Department at 441-4044.


Citizens Spot Duo Jiggling Eureka Car Door Handles; Burglary Bust Ensues

Hank Sims / Friday, April 24 @ 12:28 p.m. / Crime


From the Eureka Police Department:

On 04/24/15 at about 6:08 a.m., Officers from the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the vicinity of Dean and 16th Streets for the report of a suspicious male and female who were checking door handles of vehicles.  Several callers directed officers to the location of the suspects.  

Officers located Trevor Adam Gibney, 25, and Misty Marie Milligan, 29, both of Eureka, at the 2200 block of Harrison Ave.  Gibney was searched per his probation status and was found to be in possession of property not belonging to him.  Milligan told officers that Gibney had smashed a vehicle window and removed property from inside and gave it to her.  Officers were able to locate two vehicles in the vicinity that had been broken into.  Some of the property located in Gibney’s possession contained the names of the vehicle owners.  

Gibney and Milligan were arrested for burglary and probation violations.  Milligan was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.  Gibney was medically declined by jail staff due to an existing injury and was transported to the hospital for evaluation.  He was ultimately cleared and transported back to the jail for booking.

The Eureka Police thanks those who called and reported the suspicious activity which led to the arrest of two burglars. 

Wade Harris Arrested, Named Person of Interest in Recent Holmes Home Invasion

Andrew Goff / Friday, April 24 @ 12:12 p.m. / Crime

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office press release: 

On 04-23-2015, at approximately 11:30 a.m., Sheriff’s Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop in the 700 block of Redwood Drive, Garberville.  The driver of the vehicle, Wade Harris (age 33), is a local probationer with a search and seizure clause.

Deputies searched the vehicle Harris was driving and located numerous items consistent with burglary tools.  The items included bolt cutters, zip ties, screw drivers, drill bits, gloves, and other tools commonly used to burglarize.  Harris is also a person of interest in the home invasion robbery that occurred earlier this week on Holmes Flat Road.  Due to this ongoing investigation, deputies seized $6,686 that was on Harris’ person.    

Harris was placed under arrest for possession of burglary tools and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF).  

While at the HCCF, an investigator with the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office interviewed Harris regarding a pending case where Harris was suspected to have disposed a handgun during a traffic stop.  This case stems from an incident where Harris was stopped by an officer with the California Highway Patrol on 04-13-2015 in Eureka.  During this incident, Harris fled from the officer and is suspected to have disposed of items from within the vehicle along the roadway while out of view of the officer.  A loaded .45 caliber pistol was later located during a search of the area along the route where Harris fled.  Based on this information, the investigator subsequently placed Harris under arrest for being a felon in possession of a firearm.  

Based on Harris’ long history of criminal activity, coupled with these most recent events and the increased level of violence associated with his criminal conduct, the investigator sought and obtained a bail enhancement pursuant to PC1269.  As a result, Harris was booked at the HCCF with bail set at $500,000.00.

Anyone with information for the Sheriffs Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



Rollover Accident at Arcata Roundabout

Andrew Goff / Friday, April 24 @ 11:53 a.m. / Traffic

LoCO reader Snapchat of this morning’s accident

Emergency personnel are responding to an accident a Giuntoli Lane roundabout just east of Highway 101. According to LoCO’s CHP Watch, the accident occurred just before 11:45 a.m. Scanner traffic indicates that a single vehicle rolled over and that westbound traffic is currently blocked. Possible injuries are being assessed. Updates here. Audio below.


(VIDEO) MSNBC Interviews Hezekiah Allen on the Benefits of Outdoor Marijuana

Ryan Burns / Friday, April 24 @ 11:25 a.m. / Activism , marijuana , Media

Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the Emerald Growers Association, recently strapped on a pink tie and sat down for a satellite interview with Tony Dokoupil, a host on MSNBC’s live-streaming network shift as well as the son of a successful weed dealer/smuggler. 

Dokoupil butchers Allen’s first name (Huh-ZEKE-ia?), but the two engage in friendly chatter about such topics as the historical impetus for indoor cultivation, the relative environmental impacts of indoor versus outdoor, and the desire for a better phrase than “recreational marijuana.”

Twelve-Year-Old Missing From Eureka Home Since Last Night

Hank Sims / Friday, April 24 @ 11:01 a.m. / Emergency

UPDATE, SATURDAY, 6 a.m.: The boy was located with relatives in Lake County, according to the Eureka Police Department.

(!!!)–> The Eaglet Has Landed <---(!!!)

Andrew Goff / Friday, April 24 @ 10:32 a.m. / Nature

Your Lost Coast Outpost couldn’t bear to look back and see if we used this exact same headline the last time the Humboldt Bay Eagle Cam eagles hatched young ones. Seems likely and we don’t want to feel guilty for using it again. Never mind that, the point is that, just after 7 a.m. this morning, Mr. and Mrs. HBE once again became proud parents when the first of two eggs laid this year cracked open to reveal a, uh, cute little eaglet. The birth resulted in much celebration, screen shot sharing and exclamation marks over at the Humboldt Bay Eagles Facebook group.

“Woo hoo,” said group member Loretta Bradford-David.

Ah…….HAPPY HAPPY!!!!” Sam Grace added.

“Love feels like this!” Danielle Orr exclaimed.

“precious little peep!!! Thanks Lord!!!” Merry Ann Grow submitted.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!” Donna Lucas posted, effectively summing up the mood of all eagle freaks this morning. And with one more egg yet to hatch, the Internet still has an additional shot of jubilation to look forward to. Squawk!

Would you like to see video of the new pink addition? Good news! There’s one below these words!