KHUM In-Depth

This monthly documentary series is produced and hosted by Bayley Brown and Chuck Rogers. It looks to chronicle topics relevant to Humboldt County. We'll take on issues like immigration, the environment, renewable energy, civil rights, health care, the marijuana industry, racism, and many more. Added value: we plan to outlive the Trump administration.


The Weekly Exchange

Nikki and Sabina host this podcast that airs on KSLG every Wednesday at 6pm PST, that covers the latest in Indie/Alt trends, DJ selections, and culture.


KSLG Interviews

Nikki, Sabina, and Andre interview artists, community members, and beings from another dimension


Coastal Currents

KHUM's look at the waterways of Humboldt County. From recreation to restoration, Jennifer Savage and Larry Trask host this weekly segment. Airs 2:30 p.m. Wednesdays on 104.3 and 104.7 FM, KHUM.


Happy Trails

Bike lanes are an important part of Humboldt county's future. Cliff Berkowitz speaks with Emily Sinkhorn, Humboldt Bay Harbor Commissioner Mike Wilson and others about how to get bike lanes where they're needed.


Moments With Andy

Each evening, spend a few intimate moments with Andy — host of KWPT-FM's “The Night Show.”


Live at KHUM

The best performances from the KHUM studios in Humboldt county, California. Not a normal station.


Not For Kids Only

Bayley Brown talks with a member of a local service organization about a program in our community that helps children. It happens Thursdays at noon.