The Humboldt Chronicles

Dispatches from Marijuana Country.



• (Thursday, Nov. 22) November 21 Show

In the November episode, we looked at the results of the mid-term elections and the impact of the results on cannabis regulation. Our guests included and Congressman Jared Huffman, Eureka Mayor-Elect Susan Seaman and Eureka City Councilpersons Austin Allison, Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel.

• (Thursday, Oct. 18) October 17 Show

In the October episode, we examined medical cannabis from both a consumer and a provider perspective. Our guests included and Harry Balance and Nigel Wallach from Arcata-based Heart of Humboldt dispensary.

• (Thursday, Sept. 20) September 19 Show

In this episode, we explore the impact of cannabis legalization on the culture and economy of Southern Humboldt. Our guests include attorney and blogger Eric Kirk and Humboldt County Supervisor Estelle Fennell.

• (Thursday, Aug. 16) August 15 Show

Our guest is Terra Carver, Executive Director of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance and we discuss the state of legalization so far — what's working and what needs to change.

• (Thursday, July 19) July 18 Show

In the July episode, we took a look at environmental issues as they pertain to cannabis cultivation — regulation, compliance, best practices. Our guests included Drew Barber of East Mill Creek Farms, Scott Greacen, Conservation Director at Friends Of The Eel River, Peggy Olofson and Trillian Schroeder, co-founders of Emerald Hills Environmental and Lauren Quackenbush, Soil Consultant & Licensed Pest Control Advisor at Dirty Business Soil Consulting & Analysis.

• (Thursday, June 21) June 20 Show

In the June episode, we examined the value of the Humboldt Brand, both in a cannabis and non-cannabis context and explored possible ways to maintain and increase the value of the brand. Our guests included Mary Keehn, founder of Cypress Grove, Briar Bush, National Sales Manager for Lost Coast Brewery, Joshua Kappel, Partner, Vicente Sederberg LLC and Sean Trainor, CEO of Sensi Valley, Inc.

• (Friday, May 18) May 16 Show

In the May episode, we invited the candidates for 4th and 5th District Supevisor into the studio to discuss their views on appropriate cannabis policy for Humboldt County. Our guests included 4th District candidates Dani Burkhart and Mary Ann Lyons as well as 5th District candidates Ryan Sundberg and Steve Madrone.

• (Friday, April 20) April 18 Show

In this episode, we explore the mysterious and potentially significant topic of cannabis patents. Guests include journalist Amanda Chicago Lewis, Nat Pennington, of Humboldt Seed Company, Beth Schechter, of the Open Cannabis Project, and attorney Dale Hunt, of Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP

• (Thursday, March 22) March 21 Show

In this episode, we spoke with Bryan Wilkomm of Humboldt Patient Resource Center and John Dalby, CEO of Redwood Capital Bank regarding banking and finance in the cannabis industries.

• (Thursday, Feb. 22) February 21 Show

In the February episode, we examined the local implementation of Proposition 64 in a few areas of Humboldt County and also took a look at the present situation and future implications for Southern Humboldt. Our guests were Kym Kemp, Publisher of news blog The Redheaded Blackbelt, Kevin Jodrey, Owner of Wonderland Nursery, and Rob Holmlund, Director, City of Eureka Development Services Department.

• (Friday, Jan. 19) January 17 Show

In this episode, we spoke with Ray Markland of Eco-Cann in Eureka and Nate Wittington of HCGA about the challenges of doing business in an industry that is legal in California but illegal in the eyes of the US Department Of Justice. We also spoke with Cong. Jared Huffman and Mason Tvert, Vice President at VS Strategies in Denver, CO.

• (Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017) December 20 Episode

In this edition of The Humboldt Chronicles, we take a look at some of the changes coming our way on January 1 as Proposition 64 is implemented in Humboldt County. Guests include Patrick Murphy (Public Policy Institute of CA), Mike Wilson (Humboldt County Supervisor), William Honsal (Humboldt County Sheriff) and Patrick Finnegan (CPA).

• (Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017) November 15 Episode

In this episode, we continue our look at the history of marijuana in Humboldt County and also take a peek at what the future might bring. Guests include Dr. Dominic Corva, Hezekiah Allen and Anna Hamilton.

• (Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017) October 18 Episode

Episode 1 of new documentary series about marijuana and Humboldt County. Part 1 of a 2 part historical overview with guests Nick Angeloff of Archaeological Research And Supply Company and attorney Erik V. Kirk who also produces the SoHum Parlance Blog.

• (Friday, Feb. 3, 2012) How Much Money?

The Humboldt Chronicles: For residents of Humboldt County, there's no telling how much of their spending money has filtered through the local marijuana industry. Or is there? Hear from a banker, a grower, a business owner, and an economist. See lostcoastoutpost.com for more.

• (Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012) Trailer

A preview of the upcoming Lost Coast Communications documentary series on Humboldt County, Calif. and marijuana culture.