Humboldt Will Get a Taste of San Francisco’s Deep Cyclone Tomorrow

John Ross Ferrara / Thursday, Feb. 16 @ 12:32 p.m. / How ‘Bout That Weather

NWS of Eureka.

A deep cyclone headed straight for San Francisco will likely bring residual stormy conditions to Humboldt on Friday.

But what is a deep cyclone? A tropical storm, a hurricane, a very profound cyclone?

After putting in a call to local National Weather Service Meteorologist William Iwasko, LoCO has learned that it is none of these things.

“A deep cyclone is just a center of low pressure more or less, it’s just very strong low pressure,” Iwasko said. “We’ll likely get showers. The strongest winds will be out over the ocean, and on land we’ll have not very strong winds up to 20 mph.”

There you have it. It’s just a big scary word that means we’re gonna get some rain.

You can read more from the NWS below:

A deep cyclone will approach San Francisco during Friday afternoon and evening.

As a result, the most significant impacts associated with the storm will occur south of Northwestern California.

However, showers will be likely, and northerly Gale Force Winds are expected over the offshore waters.


(AUDIO) The Humboldt Power Grid is About to Be Cleaner and Cheaper; Redwood Coast Energy Authority Explains ‘Community Choice’ Energy

Cliff Berkowitz / Thursday, Feb. 16 @ 10:24 a.m. / Infrastructure

This morning I spoke with Matthews Marshall, the Executive Director of Redwood Coast Energy Authority about the new Community Choice Energy program. Through the hard work of the RCEA, Humboldt County will be joining other California counties in generating, managing and choosing the sources of energy that supply the county. 

This new program should result in slightly lower bills for most PG&E customers. For those of us who have gone solar, there will be new benefits to over-generation, including rollover credits.

You’ll still be billed through PG&E — it’s just that the choices in generation will be made locally. PG&E will still maintain the grid.

There’s really no downside, but customers can still have the choice to opt out at any time. For those of you who want to get energy from 100 percent renewable sources, you also have that option (at a slightly higher rate). Expect to get more information about this program in your mail within the next month or so.

Matthew Marshall of RCEA on KHUM. Feb. 16, 2017.

OBITUARY: Richard Dale Marshall Jr., 1958-2017

LoCO Staff / Thursday, Feb. 16 @ 7:38 a.m. / Obits

Richard Dale Marshall Jr. was born in Hoopa on August 3, 1958, and went to be with Jesus on February 9, 2017. Richie loved the Lord and was raised in the Assembly God Church in Hoopa, and he kept that close relationship with the Lord his entire life.

Richard grew up in Hoopa and attended elementary school there. Later he and his mother, Jan, moved to Florida, where he lived for the next seven years. Rich attended school there in Atlantic Beach and the Everglades School in Florida, where he proudly played basketball for the Gators.

Richie was an artist, a musician, and full of fun and laughter. He could start a water fight, play drums on your head or make up some silly song about you. One thing for sure is that he always brought with him laughter and smiles with his unusual humor and joking. His heart, like his laugh, was kind and big, and left a mark on the hearts of all that knew him.

Richie was a drywaller by trade, but his passion was working in the recovery field. Rich founded the Eagle Wing Recovery Program where he counseled many locals. He stared the Sobriety Sweats on Mill Creek and Hostler Creek, where he would invite people to attend a sweat followed by a home-cooked meal.

He married his wife Barri Baliey-Marshall on January 23, 2016, in Medford, Oregon and they have been residing in Klamath for the last several years. Richie was in the process of moving back to Hoopa when the Lord took him home. Rich left the following message:

“I, Richard Marshall, would like to thank everyone that gave a simple kind word and shared their life with me. I found good people in sobriety, whether it was the tree frogs of a stuck up snob, I learned from them all. Learning not to hate the gossips and those spreading lies, they could not kill my spirit or take my pride. Negativity is not with me. Tomorrow I could be a brand new man and inherent my reward. I’ve been in love with my friend, now my wife. After all the failed relationships, she really takes good care of me. Jayela and Jeff are also loved by me. When I leave this place all pain and depression will stay. I am with the Lord.”

Richie is survived by his loving wife Barri Bailey-Marshall and her children; his mother, Janice Tripp, and Merlin; his paternal uncle Mahlon Marshall; his maternal aunts, Pat and Richard Bonacci. Jeannie and Terry Ramas and Stephanie and Jack Whittington; his maternal uncles, Wayne Cooper and Ginny, James Marshall and Julie, and John Marshall and Mary Lou; his special friends Earl Steen and Sandy; and numerous cousins and friends.

Rich was preceded in death by his father, Richard Dale Marshall Sr.; his uncles Ronnie Marshall, William and Thelma Marshall; and his Aunt Barbara and Anthony Risling.

Services will be held at the Assembly Of God Church in Hoopa on Friday, February 17, 2017.

Honorary Pall Bearers: Mahlon Marshall, Earl Steen, Merlin Tripp Sr., Jerome Land, Jason Lang, Melovon Bigavitch, John Marshall, and James Marshall.

Pall Bearers: Leslie Risling, Robert Hundsucker Jr., Dale Risling, Tony Risling, Lonny Risling, Jesses McCovey, Rick Bradberry, Perry Lincoln, G’nu Lincoln. Sots Lincoln, Russell Marshall, Lawrence “Bruzz” Orrcutt, and Jeff Matteson.


The obituary above was submitted on behalf of Rich Marshall’s family. The Lost Coast Outpost runs obituaries of Humboldt County residents at no charge. See guidelines here

(VIDEO) Shaggy, Zany Filmmaker-Activist Jeff ‘The Dude’ Dowd Blows Through the Emerald Triangle

Sierra Jenkins / Thursday, Feb. 16 @ 7:03 a.m. / LoCO Video Reports


Click video to play. Problems on iPhone? Turn your phone sideways.    

Did you know Jeff Bridges’ iconic character “The Dude” in the film The Big Lebowski is based after a real-life dude?

His name’s Jeff Dowd and he’s also an activist, filmmaker, writer, storyteller and a movie-marketing mastermind. He recently visited the North Coast to promote Dell’Arte’s “Mary Jane: A Musical Potumentary”, which is based around many facets of the cannabis industry in the Emerald Triangle.

The film has been shown a few times in Humboldt, but Dell’Arte was looking for ways to expand the film beyond the Redwood Curtain. It ultimately wound up in Dowd’s hands, who lives in Venice, California, and he took a liking to the story.

“For people that like breaking into song and like to be transported to a magical land that they don’t know about — like the Emerald Triangle — it serves that wonderful purpose,” said Dowd.

Dell’Arte is hopeful that with the help of Dowd the film can make it to the next level and get a distribution deal.

While in town Down made his rounds to a democratic party meeting, a chamber of commerce mixer, had an evening of bowling in Blue Lake called “The Big LeBOWLski,” and a Q&A with Humboldt State students.

In this LoCO Video Report we learn more about what “The Dude” is all about.


Redwoods-Adorned License Plates are a Big Flop, So Far — If You Want to Change That, Act Soon!

Hank Sims / Wednesday, Feb. 15 @ 5:03 p.m. / Sacramento

You can trick out your ride with this official redwood-themed license plate for $50, but only if you convince 7,096 of your friends to do the same.

Way back in 2012, as the California State Parks system faced both a massive budget shortfall and a massive political scandal, the state legislature passed a big bill that, among other things, authorized the parks system to issue a custom state license plate that would celebrate the parks system and also scare up a little cash for it.

So the parks system held a design competition and all the other various bureaucratic hurdles were finally cleared, and here we are! The plate above — designed by Wyn Ericson of Napa according to the strict design guidelines laid down in the law (must include redwood) — went on sale in November of last year, to much fanfare and ballyhoo.

Only problem? No one’s buying the damn things, and the DMV won’t actually print ‘em up until they do!

The parks’ system special website for the plate — — reports that in the four months since they’ve been on sale only 403 people have plunked down their $50 for the Parks plate. Not good enough! The law requires 7,500 pre-orders in hand before they’ll actually print the damn things.

Everyone who wants to rep redwood on their rigs and float some cash to the parks system can do it here. And, uh, maybe for the sake of the trailblazing 403 you would like to act soonish? They’re waiting on you. As the parksplate FAQ says:

When will I receive my plates?

In less than two years if sales targets are met quickly. The faster State Parks meets the 7,500 threshold, the faster motorists will get their plates. The more people you can encourage to purchase the plate the faster the process of issuing them to our motoring park supporters.

When you receive your plates depends on when we reach our goal of 7,500 applications plus an additional 10-12 months for the Department of Motor Vehicles to implement the program.

However, if we don’t receive the 7,500 applications the first year and we have to continue collecting paid applications for another year, it could add an addition year to the timeline, totaling up to three years before you would receive your plate.

Jury Finds McKinleyville Woman Guilty of Transporting Heroin

Ryan Burns / Wednesday, Feb. 15 @ 4:34 p.m. / Courts

PREVIOUSLY: Erickson’s 2014 Arrest

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:


Today, Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that yesterday a jury found 46-year-old Sharon Patrice Erickson of McKinleyville guilty of felony transportation of heroin. 

The case began on August 27, 2014, when Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff Gagnon stopped a vehicle driven by Erickson in the area of School Road and Central Avenue in McKinleyville.  Deputy Gagnon’s background check of Erickson revealed her license was suspended and she was arrested.  

At the Humboldt County Correctional Facility a search of her purse uncovered more than 25 grams of heroin and a small digital scale.  A more thorough search of the purse was later conducted, which revealed another quantity of heroin weighing nearly 5 grams.  The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Trenton Timm with the assistance of D.A. Chief Investigator Wayne Cox. Ms. Erickson will return to court for sentencing by Judge Reinholtsen on March 28, 2017. 

Motorcyclist and Bicyclist Both Taken to the Hospital After Colliding on Eureka’s West Side

Hank Sims / Wednesday, Feb. 15 @ 4:21 p.m. / Traffic

Photos: Andrew Goff.

Two men were sent to the hospital this afternoon after a motorcyclist and a bicyclist collided on Eureka’s West Side.

Police, fire personnel and ambulance services were all called to the scene after hearing from witnesses that both men were down in the street, and that one appeared to be unconscious.

However, both were awake and aware by the time they were loaded into an ambulance.

Ofc. David Heyne told the Outpost, at the scene, that the motorcyclist told him that he was traveling southbound on Union when the bicyclist left the curb and pulled out in front of him. Heyne said he had yet to speak with the other bicyclist.

Traffic was briefly closed at the scene as rescuers treated the men and cleared the roadway, but everything is moving again.