Local Government

After Just Nine Turbulent Months on the Job, Humboldt County Library Services Director Resigns

DA Investigation Finds Man Who Died in Eureka Police Custody Last Year Overdosed on Meth; EPD Absolved of Responsibility

(PHOTOS) Armed With Warrants, EPD and City of Eureka Inspect 11 Squires-Owned Shitholes

Local Agencies Collaborating to Launch New Detox and Residential Treatment Facility

Eureka’s ‘Get to Know a Zone District’ Introduces You to ‘The Peas and Carrots of Compatible Land Uses’

Arkleys Clarify Indian Island Intentions, Say They Want to Buy It to ‘Preserve It for the Entire Community’

Eureka Looks to Develop an RV Park on Waterfront Property Near Samoa Bridge

Eureka Issues Press Release About Proposed Corp Yard Move, Highlighting Tsunami Zone Danger

Eureka Looks to Move Corporation Yard Over by the Zoo to Make Way for Costco Expansion, But Neighbors Aren’t Happy

Eureka City Council Signs Resolution in Support of Paris Climate Accord

SWINGING FOR THE FENCES: Humboldt Crabs, City of Arcata Pitch a Big Ballpark Revamp — More Seats, New Facade and Real Dugouts

Eureka Mayor Frank Jager Was Employed by Coroner’s Office and Acting as Executor of Estates During Period Under Investigation for Corruption

Fortuna City Manager Mark Wheetley Arrested for DUI, a Year and a Half After His Last DUI Arrest

Eureka Wins Competitive Bid to Have Downtown Area Certified as One of the State’s First Official Cultural Districts

THE SPIT GROWS UP: Peninsula Community Services District Takes Another Step Toward the Ballot

DA Maggie Fleming Calls In FBI, State Attorney General for Sheriff’s Office Corruption Investigation

At Least Four Sheriff’s Office Employees Bought Dead People’s Belongings Through Public Administrator; They’ve Now Been Asked to Return Them

‘Get to Know a District’ Part Eight Explores the ‘Nonsensical Distinctions’ along Eureka’s Waterfront

Defending the Defender: Judge Issues Ruling in Favor of County’s Controversial Public Defender Hire, but Victory Could Be Short-Lived

Eureka Police Award $25,000 in Money Seized From Drug Dealers to Two Local Organizations Who Want to Keep Kids Off Drugs

(UPDATE) Woman in Jail Custody Dies Early This Morning; Critical Incident Response Team Investigating

KHUM IN-DEPTH: As Arcata Joins the Sanctuary City Movement, a Deep Look at the State of Immigration on the North Coast

HEY, POLITICS DWEEBS! Draw Your Own Damn Maps of Eureka’s Future Ward System With the LoCO’s Cool New Tool

‘Paying Your Child Support Has Never Been Easier’: A Special Father’s Day Message From North Coast Child Support Services

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills Accepts Job as Head of Santa Cruz Police Department

HUMBOLDT BAY FIRE: Contrary to What Our Firefighters’ Union Told You, The Rescue Swimmer Program Was Suspended Due to Lack of Swimmers, Not of Funds

Citing Lack of Funds, Humboldt Bay Fire Suspends Rescue Swimmer Program, Firefighters’ Union Says

BIG DOIN’S ON THE SPIT! Sub-Manila Sand Dwellers to Get New Services, Buildings, Maybe Even a Government of Sorts

You Got COMMERCIAL in My NEIGHBORHOOD! ‘Better Know a District’ Part Seven Celebrates the Peanut Butter Cup of the Eureka Zoning Ordinance

KHUM In-Depth: Let’s Talk About Sanctuary Cities on the North Coast

McKINLEYVILLE ASKS: Can We Make a There There? Meeting on Town Center Proposal Scheduled for Next Week

Eureka City Officials Upbraid North Coast Railroad Authority Over Its ‘Crime Magnet’ of an Abandoned Office Building, Slap Rail Agency With $18,000 in Fines

ATT’N GROWERS! The County Will Be Holding a Pesticide/Rodenticide Workshop to Help You Learn How to Use Poisons Correctly

Think Your Nonprofit Can Keep Kids Off Drugs? The Eureka Police Department Wants to Give $20,000 of the Dealers’ Money to You

‘It Should Not Have Happened’: Friend of Arcata Murder Victim Believes Racism Delayed the Emergency Medical Response That Could Have Saved His Life

McKinleyville Reaffirms Committment to Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods, Despite Recent Organizational Turmoil

NEW BLOOD? Arcata Will Grill Seven Aspiring Councilmembers Tonight; Current Council Could Select One of the Would-Be’s On the Spot

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Issues Public Statement Defending Its Embattled Public Defender, Whom It Has Decided to Continue to Defend From the Public

CITY OF EUREKA: We Gotta Dredge the Marinas, and Dumping the Spoils on the Beach is The Least Environmentally Impactful Option on the Table

County Government Signals That it Will Stand By Its Recently Hired, Embattled Public Defender

Tonight’s Weed Tax Meeting Has Been Moved From Willow Creek to McKinleyville, Due to Dangerous Road Conditions

COUNTY SMOKING BAN: After Some Wavering, McK Advisory Committee Votes in Favor of New Tobacco Use Restrictions

Which Way, McKinleyville? Candidates for Community Services District Board Talk Parks, Water Rates, Youth Services and — Inevitably — Incorporation

How Would YOU Spend the Growers’ Money? County of Humboldt to Hold Series of Meetings on New Weed Tax

A McKinleyville That Runs on the Sun? Community Services District Dreams of Mass Conversion to Solar Power

McKinleyville Gets One Step Closer to a New Fishin’, Hikin’, Birdwatchin’-Friendly Community Park on the Banks of the Mad River

Your Last Cigarette at the Beach? Next Year Could Bring About New Smoking Restrictions in the County’s Unincorporated Areas

Look Out, Garberville! There’s A New Deputy in Town

Meet Your Firefighters and Tour Their #1 Fire Station at the Annual Humboldt Bay Fire Open House!

Humboldt County, You Have a New Librarian and a New Planning Director