Local Government

Just ‘Cause Weed’s Legal Now Doesn’t Mean You Can Smoke (or Ingest or Vape) It In Public, Eureka Reminds You

Eureka Increases Amount Being Given to Squires Evictees as They Scramble to Find New Housing

MOVE OVER, GIMLET MEDIA: Eureka City Government is Podcasting Now, and It’s Podcasting HARD

City of Eureka to Vacate, Board Up Yet Another Squires Property, Citing a ‘Continuous and Flagrant Disregard’ for State Law and Tenant Safety

Planning Commission Approves Mercer-Fraser Rezone Request, Sending Proposed Marijuana Extraction Plant Project to Board of Supervisors

Water District Says Proposed Mercer-Fraser Marijuana Facility Threatens Health and Safety of Two of Every Three County Residents

Does Eureka Have Too Much Land Zoned Coastal-Dependent Industrial? Ponder Over the Penultimate Installment of ‘Get to Know a Zone District’

In Politically Rejiggered Eureka, John Fullerton and Jeannie Breslin Enter City Council Race

Ring in the New Year by Preparing For Inevitable Disaster, County Health Department Suggests

WE SALUTE GREG BICKEL: Wheels Down for Aerial Deputy With Multifaceted Law Enforcement Career

City of Trinidad Issues Statement on Controversial Memorial Lighthouse Project

Recreational Weed Sales Start Monday Statewide; Here’s Where You Can Buy It Locally

WATCH: Master Thespian Miles Slattery, Eureka’s Community Services Director, Assembles Cast of Several to Explain His Department’s Recent Name Change

[UDPATE: Victim Wants to Press Charges] General Manager of Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District Resigns Following Alleged Assault

He Spent THREE DECADES in JAIL: Sheriff’s Office Salutes Sgt. Mitch Gratz on the Occasion of His Retirement

Supervisors Say ‘Thanks But No Thanks’ to Safe Drug Injection Program, and Other Highlights From Today’s Meeting

‘It’s Appalling’: McGuire Vents About State Weed Regs, Then Weighs in on Opioids, Homelessness and More in LoCO Interview

Yurok Tribe Decries Trinidad Lighthouse Move; Calls Civic Club Action Hasty, Culturally Insensitive

City of Eureka to Look at Big, New Subsidized Housing Projects on Myrtle Avenue and Fourth Street, and to Review Waterfront Development Strategy

The County Might Buy the Old Eureka Kmart Property and Put Three Government Departments Inside

Citing Cost, Eureka Calls Off Search for New Corp Yard Location, Possibly Jeopardizing Costco Expansion

The Eureka City Council May Soon Lease, Sell Waterfront Land for RV Park, Mixed-Use Hotel ‘Village’

County Looking to Purchase Eureka Kmart Property

Arcata City Council to Hold Special Meeting on the Future of the McKinley Statue, Jacoby’s Storehouse Plaque

Here’s Former Humboldt County Public Defender David Marcus’s Letter of Resignation

(UPDATED) With Embattled Public Defender David Marcus’s Sudden Resignation, Attorney Drops Lawsuit Against the County

Firebrand Assistant Auditor-Controller Karen Paz Dominguez Files Candidate Papers for Head Position

What’s Wrong at the Auditor-Controller’s Office? Understaffing? A Vendetta? Or Is It the Man in Charge?

County Government Wins Awards; Supervisors Dole Out More Measure Z Funds

Is Humboldt’s Public Defender Qualified for the Job? Visiting Judge Says She Will Issue a Ruling One Month From Today

‘Loudest, Stinkiest and Most Impactful’: Get a Look at Eureka’s Heavy Industrial Areas in the 12th Installment of ‘Get to Know a Zone District’

Eureka Has $1 Million to Loan to Low-Income Folks Looking to Buy a House (or Fix One Up)

WILLOW CREEK! Come Have a Coppoccino and a Chat With Bona Fide Sheriff’s Office Lawmen From Your Neck of the Woods

Kyle Zoellner, Once Suspected of Homicide in David Josiah Lawson Slaying, Files Claim Against City of Arcata For Defamation, Pain and Suffering, Emotional Distress, More

Cannabis Consultant Dani Burkhart to Challenge Supervisor Virginia Bass in Fourth District

Humboldt County’s Absurdly Long-Delayed General Plan Update is Finally Complete (Sort Of)

Can We Fix Humboldt County’s Airports? New Report From County’s Consultant Recommends Radical Changes

Supervisor Virginia Bass Officially Kicks Off 2018 Re-Election Campaign

With Its Weed Business Booming, City of Rio Dell Makes Pitch for Cannabis Tax on November Ballot

North Coast Railroad Authority, a State Agency, Will Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Rule That It is Not Bound By State Environmental Law

Eureka Police, County Health Win Major Plaudits for Devil’s Playground Eviction at International Problem-Oriented Policing Conference

All Humboldt County Government Offices Will Be Closed Monday (Columbus Day) for Training

Blue Lake Fire District Puts Special Tax Measure to Voters; Says Rat-Eaten Equipment, Expiring Rancheria Deal Leaves Department With Few Options

Recreational Weed Coming to Eureka After Council Votes to Include Adult Use Canna-Businesses in City Code

Eureka Redistricting Committee Selects Map Drawn by Anonymous LoCO User as Basis for City’s New ‘True Ward’ System

Garberville Sanitary District Sez: Dudes, We Don’t Have Enough Municipal Water to Feed All Your Grow Ops

‘What if Life Really is All About Waterfront Condos and Tasteful Sweaters?’ A Very Special Episode of Eureka’s ‘Get to Know a Zone District’

Holy Crap, Can It Be True? 18 Years After It Began, The County’s General Plan Update Might Actually Get Completed This Month.

City Puts Brakes on Homeless Day Center at Runeberg Hall, Solicits Other Locations for Project

District Attorney Maggie Fleming to Announce Reelection Campaign Next Week; Candidate Touts Record, Endorsements