March 2024

Rural California Schools Are Desperate for State Help, From Special Education to Construction

California’s Fast Food Workers Are Getting a Raise. But the Labor-Industry Truce Is Fraying

Getting Paid to Go to School? California’s Community Colleges Try It Out

Newsom Hits the Road for Mental Health Measure as Poll Shows Declining Enthusiasm for Prop. 1

February 2024

Cal State Student Workers Voted to Form a Union. Here’s What Students Want.

It’s Now Significantly More Deadly to Be Homeless. Why Are So Many People Dying?

California Gives New Moms Extra Medi-Cal Benefits. It Can’t Say Who’s Using Them

Would a Gavin Newsom Recall Do Any Better Than 2021?

Police Want Drones in Car Chases. How SF’s Prop E Could Affect That

California’s Polluted Communities Could Miss Out on Billions Under State’s Flawed System

Tech-Billionaire Promises for a New City, From Roads to Water, Are Worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars — if They’re Binding

Narcan at California Colleges: Are Students Getting Overdose Medication?

U.S. Senate Contenders Make Their Final Debate Arguments

California Lawmakers Face a Ballooning Budget Deficit

California Voters Will Decide on Newsom’s Mental Health Overhaul. How Did We Get Here?

How Psychedelic Drug Therapy Became a Rare Bipartisan Issue in California

Cal State Faculty Vote to Ratify New Contract

Business, Labor Fight Over California Law Few Know About

These Fed-Up Parents Fought California’s Pandemic Schooling and Won. Now What?

Legislators Wanted 1,100 Reports on How California’s Laws Are Working. Most Haven’t Arrived

Katie Porter, Adam Schiff and Barbara Lee Swore Off Corporate PAC Money. What Does That Mean?

She Opened a Business to Deliver Babies. California Policies Drove Her Out of the Country

California Senate Leader Mike McGuire Picks His Team

Legislators Unveil Measure to Ask Voters for $1 Billion Offshore Wind Bond

Why California Might Mandate the ‘Science of Reading’ in All Schools

California Wants to Cap Your Medical Bills. Guess Who’s Pushing Back.

Los Angeles’ One Weird Trick to Build Affordable Housing at No Public Cost

Why California Legislators of Both Parties Want to Ban Homeless Encampments

Newsom Asked for a Bill to Legalize Psychedelic Therapy. Lawmakers Move to Give Him One

Last Chance to Apply for This High-Speed Internet Subsidy

Californians Bought Record Numbers of Electric Cars as Industry Eyes Slowdown

Cannabis Grower to Pay $750,000 for Violating State Water, Wildlife Regulations

‘This Is Just the Beginning’: California Reparations Advocates Applaud New Bills

January 2024

Should State Government Jobs Require a College Degree? Why California Is Rethinking Its Rules

Saving Salmon: Newsom Unveils Blueprint for Ending Decades-Long Decline

After Visit to Humboldt, Gov. Gavin Newsom Announces New State Strategy to Restore Salmon Runs

They’re Getting $1,000 a Month for 3 Years. How Guaranteed Income Is Changing Lives in L.A. County

Bill Would Let Therapists and Social Workers Decide When to Confine Mentally Ill Californians

California Lawmakers, Raising Fears of Political Violence, Want to Shield Their Properties

California Gave Fast Food Workers a Seat at the Table. What Comes Next?

How Big Is California’s Homelessness Crisis? Inside the Massive, Statewide Effort to Find Out

What’s Happened Since California Cut Home Solar Payments? Demand Has Plunged 80%

Approaching Bay Area Deadline a ‘Test Case’ for California’s Housing Crisis

What a GOP Fight Over Undocumented Health Care Says About California’s Changing Politics

350,000 Californians Are Now on the FAIR Plan, the Last Resort for Fire Insurance. Now What?

Cal State Faculty Ends Their Strike After Reaching a Tentative Contract Agreement

Cal State Faculty Strike Across All 23 Campuses in Historic Labor Walkout

California Picks Its Next Governor in More Than 1,000 Days. Why the Race Is Already So Crowded

Arcata’s Jana Ganion Named Governor Newsom’s ‘Senior Advisor for Offshore Wind’

California Ends COVID Isolation Rule for Asymptomatic Cases as Winter Infections Climb

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