May 2019

Democrats in California Have All the Power — And Much of the Turmoil

California Poised to Pass One of Nation’s Toughest Standards for Police to Shoot as Lawmakers Strike Historic Deal

Why California’s Efforts to Limit Soda Keep Fizzling

California Chamber of Commerce Releases Study on New ‘Service Taxes’ Proposed By State Legislator

‘If You Think the System Works, You’re Dead Wrong’: A Discussion on California’s Mental Health System

With California’s Most Closely Watched Housing Bill on Life Support, What’s Next?

Industry Aims to Extinguish Bills That Would Make California First State to Ban Flavored Tobacco

In Housing, Privacy and More, a Capitol Lightning Round Nixes Controversial Bills

Key Conflicts Roil California’s Ever-Evolving Waterscape

As More Californians Borrow at Shockingly High Interest Rates, Will State Crack Down on ‘Predatory Lending’?

Weakling or Bully? The Battle Over the CEQA, the State’s Iconic Environmental Law

How Much Do You and Your Neighbors Pay in State Taxes?

Five Takeaways From Newsom’s Revised Budget Plan

Coming Wave of Seniors Will Strain a Caregiver Network Already Stretched Thin

HOT off the GRILLE! Is California Ready to Legalize Roadkill Cuisine?

‘Governor Dad’ Newsom Budgets Tax Breaks for Diapers, Focuses on Families

Can They Do That? California Dems Again Try to Force Trump to Show His Taxes

ATT’N TRAIL FANS! Town Hall Meeting on the ‘Great Redwood Trail’ Tomorrow Morning at HSU

State Senate Approves McGuire Bill That Would Require Presidential Candidates to Release Their Taxes Before They’re Allowed to be on the California Ballot

Amid the Housing NIMBYs and YIMBYs, Meet PIMBYs — ‘Parents in My Backyard’

April 2019

For ‘Hard-to-Count’ California, 2020 Census Poses Huge Challenges and Carries Big Stakes

State Rethinks Decision to Quit Providing Glasses to Needy Adults

California’s Hottest Housing Bill Moves Ahead — With a Break for Smaller Counties

Law Enforcement Backs Down on Deadly Force Standard — For Now, Anyway

Overlooked Mental Health ‘Catastrophe’: Vanishing Board-and-Care-Homes Leave Residents With Few Options

Charter-Mageddon! Lawmakers Advance a Raft of Union-Backed Charter School Curbs

California is Advancing a Nationally Watched Police Shooting Bill, and Factions in the Democratic Party Are Taking Shape

NEWSOM in EL SALVADOR: Governor Says California Deserves Bigger Say in U.S. Immigration Policy

‘The Rhetoric is so Toxic’: Gov. Newsom Lands in El Salvador as Trump Moves to End Aid There

Beyond the Tampon Tax: How Far Will California Go To End ‘Menstrual Inequity’?

Some California Tax Dollars Go to Private Universities With ‘Legacy’ Admissions Policies. One Lawmaker Would Like to Change That

March 2019

Did Gov. Newsom ‘Defy’ the Will of the People on Executions? New Poll Says No

SKIP THE SLIP? Sacramento Lawmakers and Lobbyists Debate Bill That Would Ban By-Default Paper Receipts

Governor Newsom Halts Death Penalty in California, Closes San Quentin Execution Chamber

California Has a Giant Surplus … of Ideas for New Taxes. What’s Up With That?

‘Common Sense Regulations’ or ‘An Extended Middle Finger’: How Far Will California Go on Charter Schools?

California Legislature Considers Funding Care for Pets of Homeless Citizens

Three Things to Know About California’s Data Privacy Fight

February 2019

California Republicans Select First Millennial Latina as New Chair

Embrace Trump, Ignore Trump or Reject Trump: How Can California Republicans Get Back in the Game?

Between Floods, Fires and Quakes, Should California Government Just Take Out a Big Disaster Insurance Policy on Itself?

LAST CHANCE GRADE: North Coast State, Federal Reps Back Caltrans Plan to Ask for $40 Million to Put Toward Fixing Imperiled Stretch of Highway 101

January 2019

McKINLEYVILLE! Sen. Mike McGuire Has Invited You to an Interactive Coffee and Community Collaboration Conversation, and He Could Not Be More Excited About It

November 2018

Assm. Jim Wood — a Forensic Dentist — is in Paradise, Helping Identify the Dead

October 2018

Child Suspect in Murder at Eureka Cemetery Cannot Be Tried as an Adult, Due to Legislation Just Signed by Gov. Brown

September 2018

END OF THE LINE: Gov. Brown Signs McGuire Bill to Eviscerate the North Coast Railroad Authority, Start Trail Planning

McGUIRE LEG UPDATE: Governor Signs Two More of Senator’s Bills, Changing the Process for Discarding Mail-In Ballots for Mismatched Signatures and Requiring Fire Districts and Such to Maintain Websites

Governor Signs Two New Opioid Bills From Assm. Jim Wood; Laws Will Require Co-Prescription of Lifesaving Drugs, Electronic Prescriptions

August 2018

The Bill Formerly Known as ‘The Great Redwood Trail Act’ Has Passed the Assembly

HUMBOLDT RESPONDS: Gov. Brown Signs Major Criminal Justice Reform Bill Doing Away With Cash Bail

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