April 2020

As California’s Coronavirus Curve Bends, Newsom’s Not Ready to Be the Bearer of Good News

March 2020

California Starts Recruiting Retired and Student Doctors, Nurses to Handle Surge in Severely Sick People

How to Get Past the Coronavirus Crisis Without Losing Your Mental Health

One Upside of the Coronavirus Shutdown, Maybe? Fewer Voter Initiatives

48,600 Coronavirus Test Results Still Pending in California

Banks Agree to Coronavirus Mortgage Relief in California Amid Push for Eviction Ban

Coronavirus ‘Can Impact Anybody and Everybody’: L.A. County Teen Is First Infected Youngster to Die in US

California Closes Parking Lots at Beaches and Parks to Stem Spread of Coronavirus

With Coronavirus, California’s Economy Is in Uncharted Territory

Newsom, Trump: More Beds, Masks, Equipment Ahead for Coronavirus

Gov. Gavin Newsom Issues Statewide Stay-At-Home Order

Confusion Reigns as California Families Ponder Coronavirus Homeschool

How Overwhelmed Is California’s Health Care System About to Be?

Where California Stands With Coronavirus Testing Right Now

Out of a Job? Can’t Pay Your Bills? These Proposals May Help Keep You Afloat Amid Coronavirus

Newsom Did Not Issue a Statewide Eviction Ban. Tenant Groups Say Renters’ Health Could Be Threatened

Newsom: Coronavirus Likely to Close California Schools for Rest of the Year

State Public Health Department Tells Restaurants to Move to Takeout, Delivery Only

California Passes $1.1 Billion in Emergency Coronavirus Funding — Then Shuts Down the Capitol

What You Need to Know About California’s Lockdown of Seniors and the Chronically Ill

California Adds Online Triage for Coronavirus to Help With Test Shortages

Facing Pandemic, California Takes Cover, From the Capitol to Disneyland

As Coronavirus Toll Rises, So Does Health Care Workers’ Alarm

How California Is Responding to the Coronavirus

As Coronavirus Spreads, Fears of Taking Down California’s Economy

School Bonds Usually Are a Cinch in California — What Happened This Time?

To Help Californians Endure Fire-Related Power Cutoffs, State Ponders New Rules for Utilities

Last-Minute Special Interest Cash Pours Through California’s $50,000 Loophole

February 2020

If California Polls Hold, Only Bernie Sanders Would Win Any Delegates Chosen by Statewide Vote

Drought or Dangerous Flooding? Research Aims to Tame Atmospheric River Risks — and Save California’s Rain

The Hidden Housing Measure on Your March Ballot

Brace for the Deluge: Special Interests Are Spending Millions to Get the California Legislators They Want

Inside the Governor’s Bid to Fix Homelessness: Changing How California Deals With Mental Illness

Analysis: Newsom Now ‘Owns’ Homelessness, for Better or Worse

The New Thing for California Politicians? Sweet Charity

California Analysts Urge Lawmakers: Reject Gov. Newsom’s $1 Billion Climate Loan Proposal

Facing Doctor Shortage, Will California Give Nurse Practitioners More Authority to Treat Patients?

California Stopped Charging Parents for Kids’ Incarceration. So Why Are Some Still Stuck Owing Thousands of Dollars?

What Happens if California Takes Over PG&E?

The Presidential Contest for California Cash, in 6 Data Visualizations

California Lawmakers Have Refused to Restrict Flavored Vaping — Is That About to Change?

January 2020

California’s Most Controversial Homebuilding Bill Just Died. What Will Newsom Do Now?

California Just Finished Counting Its Homeless — a Tally Sure to Be Inaccurate, and Politically Weaponized

Students Worry as California’s Online Community College Confronts Offline Woes

Shenanigans? Under California’s Primary Rules, Some Campaigns Boggle the Mind

Bonds on the Ballot: Will Billions of Dollars Help California Cope With Climate Change?

California, 13 Other States Sue to Stop Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts

FACT CHECK: Trump Hits and Misses as He Campaigns for Re-Election — and Against California

Want to Vote for President in California but Bewildered by the Changing Rules? We’ve Got You.

What Gavin Newsom’s $222 Billion Budget Says About California’s Priorities

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