June 2022

California Will Require Health Facilities to Start Sharing Patient Data With Each Other

California’s Change to Concealed Carry Permits Would Reduce Wide Variations Among Counties

California May Rescue Its Last Nuclear Power Plant — and Give PG&E Millions to Do It

Families Will Get Up to $1,050 to Help With Rising Gas Prices and Inflation Under California Tax Relief Program

In a Video Message to the Nation, Governors Promise ‘West Coast Offense’ to Protect Access to Abortion

After Roe: What Happens to Abortion in California?

Supreme Court Ruling Puts Target on California Concealed Carry Law

What Happens if Californians Pass Two Sports Betting Initiatives?

Newsom Signs Bill Expanding Timeframe to Name Newborns, Accommodating Native Traditions

Lawmakers Weaken California Nursing Homes Bill — Sponsors Yank Their Support

California’s Next Cannabis Battle May Be Coming to a City Near You

California Legislators Want to Help You Buy a House With Down Payment, ‘Shared Equity’

California Budget: Big Surplus, Big Differences

Slow Burn: Cal Fire Has Failed to Fight PTSD, Heavy Workloads

Topsy-Turvy Top-Two: Is California Primary System Keeping Its Promises?

Electric Car Mandate: California Air Board Questions Cost, Practicality

Prison Rehab: Can California Learn Anything From Norway?

Attorney General Candidates Divided on New Police Shootings Law

Climate Controversy: California’s Plan for Handling Crisis Is Flawed, Advisors Say

Thirty-Year-Old Medi-Cal Income Limit Leaves Some Seniors Without Needed Care

California May Give Fast Food Workers Power to Bargain With Their Industry

Reparations Could Include Tuition, Housing Grants, California Task Force Says

May 2022

Money Wars: Special Interests Spend Big in California Primary

Cal State Raises Issue With Cal Grant Expansion

Bill Would Allow Lawsuits for Marketing Guns to Kids

California Wants to Force Insurers to Reward Homeowners for Fireproofing Homes

Suspected Monkeypox Case in California: What You Should Know

Going Electric: California Car Mandate Would Hit Mechanics Hard

‘Everyone Loses’: Sacramento Valley Struggles to Survive Unprecedented Water Cuts

Sex Abuse Suits Pouring in as State’s Catholic Leaders Seek Relief From Highest Court

Klamath Basin Dam Removal Needs a Science-Driven Oversight Plan

UC System Takes Another Step Toward Keeping Students Debt-Free

The Great Culling: Which California Bills Did Legislators Kill?

With Inflation, California Worries About Progress on Poverty

California’s $100 Billion Surplus: What to Know About Newsom’s Spending Plan

Students Lobby for Bill to Ease University Housing Crunch — but Would It Work?

Five Things to Know About Nuclear Power in California

New Fund to Plant Seeds of Reparations for California’s Native American Communities

California Spent Millions to Boost COVID Vaccination Rates Medi-Cal Members — but They Lag Even More

State Unveils New Climate Change Blueprint Packed With Strategies Tackling Fossil Fuels

Are California Companies About to Get More Transparent?

California Lawmakers Want to Chop Late Fees That Add Hundreds of Dollars to Traffic Tickets

Should Health Insurers Cover the Cost of Fertility Treatment?

Anti-Worker or Pro-Worker? Why Labor Unions Are Fighting Over a Housing Bill

Governor, Legislators Won’t Budge in High-Speed Rail Dispute

‘If I Get Something From You I Could Die’: Some Immunocompromised Cal State Students Feel Left Behind as COVID Safeguards Loosen

California Democrats Lean Into Abortion Rights as ‘Defining Issue’

Bill Would Put Homeless Courts Where the Unhoused Live

Some California School Districts That Grew During the Pandemic Feel Shortchanged

What Would Anne Marie Schubert Do as California Attorney General?

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