June 2021

Gavin Newsom Under COVID: The Governor Dishes on His Pandemic Life

Will California Investment in New Job Training Programs Pay Off?

Is California Still Facing an Eviction Tsunami When the Moratorium Ends?

As Drought Intensifies, State Warns Users to Stop Pumping Water From Major Rivers

Will Travel and Tourism Return With California Reopening?

A Serious Man: Can Kevin Faulconer Run for Governor Without the Gimmicks?

As California Reopens, 6 Things You Need to Know About COVID-19

County Health Agencies — Fighting Disease — Also Have to Fight for State Funds

California’s Big Reopening: What Changes — and What Doesn’t — on June 15?

Will Psychedelics Become Legal in California?

California Reparations Committee Confronts Harms of Slavery, Debates Direct Payments

Thanks, but No Thanks: Why Community Colleges Are Resisting $170 Million

Will California Public Schools Continue Free Lunches for All?

When Is the Newsom Recall Election? Maybe Sooner Than You Think

Outdoor Dining, To-Go Drinks Could Be Here to Stay

Four Things to Know About the California Budget Deal

Can California Withstand a Teacher Retirement Boom?

May 2021

Vax for Cash: Newsom Offers Big Bucks for Californians Who Get Their Shots

Newsom’s Top Housing Adviser Says ‘Start With Yes’

Who’s Bankrolling the Newsom Recall Campaigns?

A Dozen Counties Criticized OptumServe for Vaccine Clinic Problems, Documents Show

Suspense File Day: Which Controversial Bills Did California Legislators Kill?

Willing to Help but Nowhere to Go: State’s Recruitment of COVID-19 Volunteers Fell Short

California Weighs Electric Car Mandate for Uber and Lyft

Running Out of Water and Time: How Unprepared Is California for 2021’s Drought?

Newsom Releases Tax Return, but Will Recall Candidates?

Three Things to Know About Gavin Newsom’s Spending Spree

Can Newsom Build on Pandemic Lessons to End Homelessness?

Most Prison Staff Refuse COVID Vaccine — Should California Let Them?

Facing Recall, Newsom Uses Anti-Tax Amendment for His Own Devices

(CORRECTION) Newsom Proposes Expanding Golden State Stimulus to Middle Class

Drought Emergency Declared in Central Valley, Klamath Region

California’s Population Shrank, in 2020, but Don’t Call It an Exodus

International Students Heading to California Colleges Navigate Vaccine, Visa Hurdles

Hospitality Workers Celebrate Right to Return to Work

Recall Backers Raise More, but Newsom’s Side Has More Cash in the Bank

California Keeps Millions in Child Support While Parents Drown in Debt

April 2021

Watch: What California Lost in the Census, Explained in 2 Minutes

California Loses Congressional Seat for First Time

Expanding Cal Grant Would Help a Quarter Million Older Students — and Cost Hundreds of Millions More Dollars

More Than 2 Million Missing Stimulus Checks

State’s ‘MyTurn’ Website Bypassed for Most Vaccine Appointments

Bonta Vows as California’s Top Cop He’d Be Tougher on Policing

Governor Declares Drought Emergency in Northwest Counties

‘People Are Dying as We Wait’: Bid to Tighten California Nursing Home Oversight Sputters

5 Things You Need to Know About Federal Drought Aid in California

California Politicians Owe $2 Million in Campaign Fines, Don’t Get Punished

Can California Fix Long Waits in Jail? These Bills May Help

Paying Too Much for Health Insurance? New Subsidies Announced Today

Unwelcome and Tough to Evict: California’s Costly, Uphill Battle Against Invasive Species

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