September 2021

Victorious in Recall, Newsom Refocuses on California Housing Crisis

Students With Disabilities Across California Stuck in Limbo

How Big a Factor Was COVID in the California Recall?

McGuire Announces $10 Million in State Funds to Acquire Investment Mogul’s Ranch in the Eel River Canyon

California Commits $500 Million More to Student Housing: ‘A Drop in the Bucket’

Full Speed Ahead on Overhauling California Recalls

California Recall: The 2022 Campaign Starts Now

(UPDATE: RECALL FAILS) Live! Newsom Recall Results as They Come In, Statewide and by County

Decision Time: Three Ways the California Recall Election Could Go

Polling Error: How One Survey Changed the Newsom Recall Campaign

Out of Time: California Legislators Won’t Extend Eviction Ban

Bill to Decertify Police for Serious Misconduct Clears Legislature

California Recall Candidates Stretch the Truth on COVID, Climate Change and More

Kamala Harris Comes to Newsom’s Rescue, Whether He Needs It or Not

Newsom’s Call Now: California Legislature Passes These Top 2021 Bills

Why Is Larry Elder Focusing So Much on Reaching Out to Latino and Asian Voters?

Call 988: How Will California Pay for the New Crisis Hotline?

That Student in Your Community College Class? They Could Be a Bot.

Not Enough Subs: California Schools Face Severe Teacher Shortage

August 2021

Recall Fact and Fiction: What You Need to Know About the Election Fraud Rumors You’re Seeing

If Newsom Is Recalled, How Would a Republican Governor Get Anything Done?

With Recall Looming, Newsom Gets Some Help From Friends in Legislature

Nurse Shortages in California Reaching Crisis Point

Quarantined: A New Law Is Disrupting California School Reopenings

Who Is Larry Elder and What Would He Do as Governor?

COVID Hospitalizations Break Records in Six California Counties

California Enacted a Groundwater Law 7 Years Ago. But Wells Are Still Drying Up — and It’s Spreading

Imperial County Has One of California’s Best Vaccination Rates. Here’s Why.

Lambda COVID Variant in California: 5 Things to Know

Newsom Set to Make California First State to Require Teacher Vaccines or COVID Tests

Yoga Classes, Therapy and 401(k)s: California Businesses Beefing Up Benefits to Attract Workers

Cal State Deadline Could Lead to Unvaccinated Students on Campus and Missed Classes

How Did John Cox Go From GOP Standard-Bearer to Bears and Trash Balls?

Dust to Dust: Will California Lawmakers Legalize Human Composting — Transforming Bodies Into Soil?

California Lawmakers and Teachers Unions Stop Short of a Vaccine Mandate

California First in Nation to Mandate Vaccinations for Health Care Workers

Thieves Are Stealing California’s Water — Watch How It Happens

Four Things to Know About the Newsom Recall Debate

How Much Will California’s EDD Scandal Cost Newsom in the Recall Election?

Facing ‘Dire Water Shortages,’ California Bans Delta Pumping

California Has the First Cybersecurity Committee of Any State Legislature. Will It Get Anything Done?

July 2021

Lawmakers Aim to Boost Student Voting Power on UC, Community College Boards

Recall Money Wars: What Do Newsom’s Million-Dollar Donors Want?

‘Is Something Around the Corner?’ Small Businesses Reopen to Find New Challenges

Newsom Recall: GOP Challengers See Parents as ‘Consumers’

California Orders Vaccine or Testing for Health Care Workers, State Employees

Fired: California Bill Aims to Decertify Police for Serious Misconduct

Why Are Key California Affordable Housing Bills Bottled Up?

Forever Chemicals: California Unveils Health Goals for Contaminated Drinking Water

Gavin Newsom Report Card: What He Has Done, and What He Hasn’t

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