September 2020

CALIFORNIA EXODUS: An Online Industry Seizes COVID-19 to Sell the Red State Dream

Newsom Orders State to Ban New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

Nail Salons Get Green Light to Reopen Indoors, COVID Testing Now Available to All

Trump and Newsom: Political Frenemies Make Nice Amid California’s Mounting Disasters

Suburban Blues: Where Democrats Have Gained Most in California

The Young Republican Lawyer Taking on California’s Governor

Democratic Squabbling Doomed California’s ‘Year of Housing Production.’ What Will Happen in 2021?

‘I Was Looking for Someone Like Me’

Newsom Weighs Aid for Undocumented Californians Weathering Pandemic With No Safety Net

Whipsawed: California and Other States Face Shifting Federal Messages Over Coming COVID Vaccine

Next Up: Californians Brace for the ‘Twindemic’

California Lawmakers Failed to Enact Sweeping Police Reforms. Here’s Why.

California’s Coronavirus Stimulus Was a Bust … What Now?

Tracking COVID-19: State Signs Multimillion-Dollar Contract for New Reporting System

Legislature Narrowly Rejects Nation’s Toughest Restrictions on Plastics

Unmasked: Tempers Flare and Patience Frays as California Lawmakers Hit Viral End of Session

Analysis: How Renters, Landlords and Banks Fared in the Eviction Compromise

August 2020

On the Verge of Becoming Law: These 2020 Bills Are Up to California’s Governor

Wildfire Funding Bill Poised to Die in California Legislature

Newsom, Lawmakers Strike Pandemic Eviction Deal. Here’s What You Need to Know

California Poised to Become National Leader on Mental Health and Addiction Coverage

The West Is Burning, So California Struggles to Find Help Fighting Its Wildfires

‘Game Changer’ in California Coronavirus Testing to Double Capacity and Speed Up Results

California Lawmakers Propose Last-Minute Bill Providing Funds for Fighting Wildfires

Amid Raging Fires and Pandemic, Newsom Calls Relationship With Trump ‘Very Effective’

Democrats Divided: Newsom’s Family-Leave Plan Faces Resistance From His Own Party

Prop. 16 Could Boost Racial Equity Among University Faculty

Cal State in the COVID Era: No Tuition Cuts, 4 Other Takeaways From Chancellor Chat

The Tough Questions Pushing California to an Eviction Cliff

Five Automakers Finalize Deal With California to Clean Up Car Emissions

Will California Change Policing?

California State Colleges Now Require Ethnic Studies

Mask Fines Vary Widely Throughout California

As Trump Takes Aim at Postal Funding, Could He Undermine California’s All-Mail Election?

Coronavirus Economic Fallout Sparks More Talk of Taxing California’s Richest

Uber, Lyft and Why California’s War Over Gig Work Is Just Beginning

More Than 1,600 Californians — Including Many in Humboldt — Have Been Evicted During Pandemic

The Veepstakes Are Over — but Whom Might Newsom Pick to Replace Kamala Harris?

California’s Post-Prison Chaos: Thousands Released Early, Including Many With Coronavirus

Amid Pressures of Pandemic, Newsom Quickly Accepts Health Officer’s Resignation

Side Hustles, Liquidating 401(k)s: Here’s How Jobless Californians Are Getting by Without the Extra $600

California Democrats Divided Over COVID-19 Stimulus, Millionaire Tax to Fund Economic Recovery

Rural California Schools Prepare for Possible In-Person Teaching

Faced With Dying Californians and Withering Businesses, Gov. Newsom Steers a Middle Path. Can It Last?

‘Pervasive Failure to Investigate’: Report Finds Lack of Scrutiny in Cases of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Why Californians With Mental Illness Are Dropping Private Insurance to Get Taxpayer-Funded Treatment

July 2020

#MeToo Claims Filed Against Democratic Lawmaker, but Will Investigations Follow?

Audit: Don’t Make It Easier to Force Mentally Ill Californians Into Treatment — Just Improve Treatment

If Feds Let Jobless Benefits Drop, Key California Dems Float ‘Backdoor Borrowing’ Idea to Make Up Difference

The New Hot Spot: Newsom Targets Central Valley for $52 Million Coronavirus Aid

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