January 2022

With Pandemic Protections Gone, Essential Workers Face Omicron Surge Alone

No Way Out: How the Poor Get Stranded in California Nursing Homes

Newsom’s $50 Million Opioids Education Pledge Comes as Colleges Warn of Risks

Amid Low COVID Vaccine Rates, More California Children Hospitalized in Omicron Surge

Free Tests? As COVID Surges, Rapid Results Cost Up to $300

Here’s What’s Changed as California’s Revised COVID Workplace Rules Go Into Effect

California Hospitals Predict COVID Crisis Will Last Four to Six Weeks

The Employment Development Department Wants Its Money Back, but Some People Can’t Pay

Will COVID Sick Leave Return to California?

What to Know About Newsom’s Budget Blueprint

California Weighs Order Canceling Elective Surgeries as COVID Surges

Empower Workers or Government Overreach? California’s Fast Food Bill Tests Labor Laws

What’s Behind the ‘Great Resignation’ of California Lawmakers?

Unboosted: California COVID-19 Booster Rate Falls Below 40% in Most Counties

Potential COVID Exposure Sidelines Legislators

COVID Surge Upends Some California Courts – Again

School Districts Seek Help From State to Avoid Sudden Loss of Funding

No, California’s Drought Isn’t Over. Here’s Why.

The California Legislature Is Back: What to Expect in 2022

Here’s What’s Ahead for California Businesses in 2022

December 2021

NEW RULES of the ROAD! Horse, Mule and Donkey Riders Must Wear Helmets on the Highway; Sideshows are Really Not Cool; Go Nuts With That Trailer; and More

(VIDEOS) Eleven New California Laws for 2022, Explained in One Minute

California Redistricting: What to Know About the Final Maps

Researchers Worry That Low-Income Californians May Have Trouble Repaying Unemployment Benefits

Fund the Police: Newsom Responds to California Crime Concerns

Did California Get Its Money’s Worth From $1.7 Billion COVID Test Contract?

OP-ED: Fix California’s Cannabis Framework; Eliminate the Cultivation Tax

Unseen and Unsafe: Students Who Have Been ‘Deadnamed’ Explain Why a New California Law Matters

California Mandates Masks Again

Why Does California Have the Highest Jobless Rate in the Country?

New Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment Banned in California in 2024

From Street Vendor to Crypto Artist: How Digital Assets Offer Minorities New Opportunities

Why Is California’s Redistricting Commission Under Increasing Scrutiny?

Controversial Math Guidelines Have Had Mixed Results at San Francisco Unified

First US Omicron Infection Found in San Francisco

‘Devil on the Loose’: What’s Behind Kern County’s Soaring Homicide Rate?

November 2021

Exclusive: Cal State Blunder May Mean Loss of 3,000 New Student Housing Beds

A 50% Coupon for One Tool? Gardeners Call California’s Subsidy Inadequate

Understanding the Debate Behind California’s New Math Framework

Cal State Requires Students to Be Vaccinated for COVID-19 — but It’s Not Evenly Enforced

Will California’s Plan for Clearing Homeless Camps Work?

California’s State Auditor: ‘Speak the Truth to Power’

California Redistricting: Four Key Questions

Winged Warning: Migrating Birds Hit Hard by California’s Drought

Where Are the Flashpoints in California Redistricting?

California Rolled Out Websites and Apps to Fight COVID-19 — Did They Work?

Here’s What California Could Do to Fix the Supply Chain

As UN Tackles Twin Climate Threats, California Struggles With Them, Too

The North Coast Could Have Some Open Seats in Congress and the Legislature if These New Redistricting ‘Visualizations’ Come to Pass

Young Children Can Receive COVID Vaccines Soon. Here’s What You Need to Know

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