September 2019

Is California About to Weaponize Electric Car Rebates in Its Emissions Battle Against Trump?

Citing ‘Financial Risk,’ UC Pledges to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Newsom Cracks Down on Vaping — and Asks the Legislature for Help

DISASTER DAYS: How Megafires, Guns and Other 21st Century Crises Are Disrupting California Schools

Five Things to Know Now About California’s New Vaccine Law

Big Rent Hikes Are About to Be Illegal in California. Here’s What You Should Know

Water Dispute Bedevils Bill to Blunt Trump’s Environment Aims

As D.A., Kamala Harris Prosecuted a Mentally Ill Woman Shot by Police. The Jury Didn’t Buy It.

Vaping Industry Breathes Easier: For Now, California Lawmakers Won’t Restrict Its Business

California Democrats Try Again to Provide Health Care to Undocumented Seniors

PG&E Offers $18 Billion for Wildfires — Less Than Half Would Go Directly to Victims

Facing Police Opposition, California Lawmakers Limit Bill to Ban Facial Recognition

What to Watch as California Lawmakers Wrap Up, From Gators to the Gig Economy

Trump’s Dual Threat to California’s Car Deal

Parking Lots Stay Off-Limits Overnight for Homeless Community College Students

What Happens to Uber and Lyft Drivers Once AB 5 Passes? Plus: Everything Else You Need to Know About the Coming ‘Gig Worker’ Crackdown

California at Odds Over Whether to Make Insurers Cover Infertility Treatments

Getting Food Stamps to Poor Californians Is Surprisingly Difficult

Alas, Paper Receipt Ban, We Hardly Knew Ye: 2019 Bills Get Winnowed Some More

August 2019

What to Know as California’s Peak Fire Months Loom

Bluer Than Blue: Are California Democrats Ready to Exploit a Possible Lopsided Primary Turnout?

Lawmakers Tackle a Severe Housing Shortage for Renters Who Have Federal Vouchers

Charter Schools, Unions Call a Truce in an Epic Battle as Newsom Brokers a Deal

Nearly 40% of Young Adult Californians Live With Their Parents. Here’s Everything to Know About Them

How Much Could PG&E’s Rates Rise? What You Need to Know

As Gun Control Efforts Advance in California Capitol, Opponents Turn to the Courts

With Whites and Men Still Dominating the Pool, How California Hopes to Create a Diverse Redistricting Panel

A Visit to UC Merced, Where Diversity and a Focus on First-Generation College Students are Producing Amazing Results

(VIDEO) California’s New Police Use-Of-Force Law, Explained

Gov. Newsom Signs Landmark Police Use-Of-Force Bill

Paging More Doctors: California’s Worsening Physician Shortage

Can California Put Cars in the Rear-View Mirror?

What Does Trump’s Latest Immigration Crackdown Mean for California?

What California Knows About Kamala Harris

Pregnant or Trying? Here’s How to Get the Most Out of California’s New Paid Family Leave Law

Is California’s Ethnic Studies Plan Too Politically Correct Even for California?

California Stretches Applicant Deadline to Draw Political Districts — Pool’s Too White, Too Male

Seabirds Eating Plastic. Recyclers Struggling. This Is What California’s Waste Crisis Looks Like

Postpartum Mental Illness: The Health Crisis No Expectant Mother Expects

July 2019

Frontrunner No More: California Poll Puts Harris on Top and Biden (Way) Down

Newsom Signs McGuire Bill Demanding Trump’s Tax Returns for Ballot Access; In Statement, Governor Defends Constitutionality of Measure

Worried About Wildfires, Californians Ready to Spend, Vote to Fight Climate Change

‘We’re Not Going to Be Able to Survive’: Why Californians Could Bear the Brunt of Trump Food Stamp Cuts

BLEEP BLOOP ZOOM: California Steers Toward a Future of Self-Driving Cars

California’s Emissions Deal With Automakers Dodges Trump EPA Plan to Gut Rules

Podcast: Guns Make Policing in America Dangerous — To Officers and Civilians Alike

Lawsuit: California Should Open Its Presidential Primary to Independents

With Early Childhood Education on California’s Agenda, Preschool Teachers Ask Why ‘Cashiers at McDonalds’ Get Better Pay

California’s Struggle to Get Food Stamps to the Hungry

Trump’s California Funders — Where They Are and What They’re Giving

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