July 2019

With Early Childhood Education on California’s Agenda, Preschool Teachers Ask Why ‘Cashiers at McDonalds’ Get Better Pay

California’s Struggle to Get Food Stamps to the Hungry

Trump’s California Funders — Where They Are and What They’re Giving

The Democratic Scramble for California’s Cash: A Deeper Dive in Four Charts

In Needles, a ‘Sanctuary’ for Gun Owners — And ‘A Little Jab in the Eyes’ for California

Dream Big, Live Small: Why the Van Life Is Taking Hold in California

California’s New Wildfire Plan: 5 Things to Know

A Black Mother Told Not to Scream in Labor Asks: Can California Fix Racism in Maternity Care?

California Wants to Allow Credit Cards at the DMV, but It’ll Cost You a Fee

McGuire Bill That Would Demand Trump Tax Returns for California Ballot Access Flies Through State Senate

State May Push Cities and Counties to Draw ‘Fairer’ Districts

California’s Pollution Enforcers Would Like to Save Tropical Forests. But at What Cost?

Teacher Credentials Come in for Tough Grading as California Rethinks Charter School Rules

Should College Athletes Profit From Their Prowess? NCAA Says No, but California May Say Yes

Can California Crack Down on Deepfakes Without Violating the First Amendment?

California Pays Down Their Student Loans, Doctors Agree to Treat Poorer Patients

From Strip Clubs to Strip Malls, How 2 Million Workers Could Be Swept Up in a Bill Aimed at the Gig Economy

June 2019

VIDEO: What You Need to Know About California’s New Budget

Newsom Doubled Down on a Tax Credit for the Working Poor. Why Does He Think It Will Work?

Why a California Lawmaker Wants to Ban Cigarette Filters and Disposable Vapes

Lawmakers — Cutting Big Checks to Combat the Housing Crisis — Fight Over Who Gets the Money

Any Spike in Repeat Crimes After California Sped Prisoner Release? New Research Says No

Treatment for Psychosis — And Other Mental Illness — Differs Drastically by County

Newsom’s New Proposals on Wildfire Costs Walk a Political Tightrope

Does California State University Have a $1.5 Billion Slush Fund?

A Million Independent Voters Risk Being Irrelevant in California’s Presidential Primary

Why Fighting for Clean Water With Climate Change Money Worries Some California Lawmakers

In California, a Blue Wave and Progressive Governor: So Why Are So Many Leftist Plans Going Under?

Meet Your New California State Budget! Lots of Spending on Health Care, Education, Housing and the Working Poor; Not as Many New Taxes as Some Had Feared

‘Clean’ Freight Traffic Is Elusive as California Rolls Toward Zero Emissions

Should Community Colleges Build Housing?

No Longer the Loneliest? Why Oregon’s All-In Climate Push Matters to California

Another Hidden Cost of College? How Student Parking Fees Are Subsidizing Faculty, Staff

California Poised to Go Further Than Any State to Insure the Undocumented — Too Pricey, or About Time?

Developers and Unions ‘Not Close’ on Deal to Spur Housing Construction

STATE CONVENTION: California Democrats Loudly Lean Left — But Quietly Make a Safe Choice

May 2019

Californians Can Be Nation’s First to Cast 2020 Primary Ballots — And That’s Shaking Up Presidential Race

A Rare Tenant Win and a Lingering Question: Why Don’t California’s Renters Have More Political Punch?

Shouts, Tears and 67 ‘Yes’ Votes Push Police Use-Of-Force Standard Through State Assembly

Why California’s Air Board Won’t Ban Gas-Powered Cars Yet

Democrats in California Have All the Power — And Much of the Turmoil

California Poised to Pass One of Nation’s Toughest Standards for Police to Shoot as Lawmakers Strike Historic Deal

Why California’s Efforts to Limit Soda Keep Fizzling

California Chamber of Commerce Releases Study on New ‘Service Taxes’ Proposed By State Legislator

‘If You Think the System Works, You’re Dead Wrong’: A Discussion on California’s Mental Health System

With California’s Most Closely Watched Housing Bill on Life Support, What’s Next?

Industry Aims to Extinguish Bills That Would Make California First State to Ban Flavored Tobacco

In Housing, Privacy and More, a Capitol Lightning Round Nixes Controversial Bills

Key Conflicts Roil California’s Ever-Evolving Waterscape

As More Californians Borrow at Shockingly High Interest Rates, Will State Crack Down on ‘Predatory Lending’?

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