January 2020

California, 13 Other States Sue to Stop Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts

FACT CHECK: Trump Hits and Misses as He Campaigns for Re-Election — and Against California

Want to Vote for President in California but Bewildered by the Changing Rules? We’ve Got You.

What Gavin Newsom’s $222 Billion Budget Says About California’s Priorities

Cities Should Act on Homelessness or Face Lawsuits, Newsom Task Force Says

California’s Renewable Energy Targets Slashed Carbon Pollution — Now There’s a Proposal to Pause Them

Gov. Gavin Newsom to Propose That California Manufacture Its Own Generic Drugs

California Climate Budget to Include $1 Billion Green Loan Fund

‘Not the Golden State Anymore’: Middle- And Low-Income People Leaving California

‘Troubling’ Audit Reveals State Failure to Test Millions of Babies for Toxic Lead

Left Waiting: Workers’ Comp Creates Lengthly Delays for Californians Injured on the Job

California’s Homelessness Crisis — and Possible Solutions — Explained

December 2019

‘We’ve Lost Our Compass.’ For California’s Most Visible Mentally Ill, Is a Return to Forced Treatment a Solution or a False Promise?

A New Year Brings New Laws: A LoCO Round-Up of What’s Coming in 2020

‘Brain Waste’: Highly Skilled Immigrants Struggle to Fill Workforce Gaps

For Small, Rural, Crumbling — and Closing — Classrooms, New School Bond Rules Could Be Big

How California’s ‘Woman Quota’ Is Already Changing Corporate Boards

California Weighs Controversial Rule to Tackle Truck Tailpipe Pollution

Without Urgent Action, California’s Sea-Level Rise a Threat to Housing, Economy, Report Says

Fight or Switch? One California Republican Legislator Ditches GOP, the Other Gets Primaried

New Trump Rule Could Cut Food Stamps for Almost 200,000 Californians

Kamala Harris Quits Presidential Race — What It Means for California

Can California Save Higher Education?

CALMATTERS EXPLAINER: How California Is Rewriting the Law on Online Privacy

November 2019

Med School Free Rides and Loan Repayments —  California Tries to Boost Its Dwindling Doctor Supply

Time Is Running Out for the Braceros

California Is About to Allow Former Felons to Serve on Juries. Here’s Why.

‘We Need the Food That We Lost.’ Low-Income Families Still Reeling From Blackouts

Why California’s Trump Tax Return Law — Authored by Sen. Mike McGuire — Was Struck Down by the State’s Top Court Today

NEW 2020 LAW: More Time for Adult Victims of Child Sexual Abuse to Sue

School Bond Backers Have Some Selling to Do, Poll Shows

California Says It Won’t Buy Cars From GM, Toyota, Others Opposing Tough Tailpipe Standards

No-Shows, Endorsement Spats and Drag Queens: What’s on Tap at This Weekend’s California Democratic Convention

As California Burns, Scientists Search the Smoke for Threats to Firefighter Health

Will Paradise Be Rebuilt Without Its Largest Low-Income Housing Complex?

College Students, Seniors and Immigrants Miss Out on Food Stamps. Here’s Why.

How an Abortion Rights Law Ended Up Bankrolling Anti-Abortion Forces in California

Five Things to Know About Microgrids

Comforting California, Newsom Bashes a Familiar Villain — PG&E

October 2019

California’s on Fire, Unplugged and Out of Easy Answers. So Why Don’t We…?

Is It Fair to Blast PG&E for Not Managing Blackouts Like San Diego Gas and Electric?

California Pursues a Holy Grail: High-Tech Data to Predict How Wildfire Will Spread

Can Factory-Built Apartments Solve California’s Housing Woes?

Why California Didn’t Overhaul Student Aid This Year — but Could Soon

Nasty Letters. Funding Threats. Here’s Why California’s Clean Air Fight With the Feds Matters

California Families Are Hungry While a Third of Crops Rot in Fields

Fact Check: Do Californians Really Cool on Ballot Measures as the Election Approaches?

California’s Labor Chief Wants the Jobs of the Future — and She Wants Them to Cut Inequality

Newsom Vetoes Two Bills Aimed at Reforming Child Support Payback System

Newsom’s First Rodeo: In Year One, the Governor Bucks Both Trump and Brown

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