November 2019

NEW 2020 LAW: More Time for Adult Victims of Child Sexual Abuse to Sue

School Bond Backers Have Some Selling to Do, Poll Shows

California Says It Won’t Buy Cars From GM, Toyota, Others Opposing Tough Tailpipe Standards

No-Shows, Endorsement Spats and Drag Queens: What’s on Tap at This Weekend’s California Democratic Convention

As California Burns, Scientists Search the Smoke for Threats to Firefighter Health

Will Paradise Be Rebuilt Without Its Largest Low-Income Housing Complex?

College Students, Seniors and Immigrants Miss Out on Food Stamps. Here’s Why.

How an Abortion Rights Law Ended Up Bankrolling Anti-Abortion Forces in California

Five Things to Know About Microgrids

Comforting California, Newsom Bashes a Familiar Villain — PG&E

October 2019

California’s on Fire, Unplugged and Out of Easy Answers. So Why Don’t We…?

Is It Fair to Blast PG&E for Not Managing Blackouts Like San Diego Gas and Electric?

California Pursues a Holy Grail: High-Tech Data to Predict How Wildfire Will Spread

Can Factory-Built Apartments Solve California’s Housing Woes?

Why California Didn’t Overhaul Student Aid This Year — but Could Soon

Nasty Letters. Funding Threats. Here’s Why California’s Clean Air Fight With the Feds Matters

California Families Are Hungry While a Third of Crops Rot in Fields

Fact Check: Do Californians Really Cool on Ballot Measures as the Election Approaches?

California’s Labor Chief Wants the Jobs of the Future — and She Wants Them to Cut Inequality

Newsom Vetoes Two Bills Aimed at Reforming Child Support Payback System

Newsom’s First Rodeo: In Year One, the Governor Bucks Both Trump and Brown

California Just Added 15 Tough New Gun Laws — So Why Do Local Police Keep Turning to the Feds?

These Bills Could Make Life a Little Easier for Low-Income Californians

Cleaning Up Paradise as a Grim Anniversary Nears

California Kids’ Test Scores Again Rise by Inches as Achievement Gap Yawns

Blunt Warning Says Californians Must Step Up to Meet Climate Goals

‘Basic Income’ Experiment Offers Stockton Residents a Glimpse of the California Dream

Conservatives Clap Back Against California in Court — Twice

Will California’s New NCAA Law Be a Game Changer? Here Are Five Things to Know Next

Lawmakers Take Aim at ‘Punitive’ Child Support Payback for Low-Income Families

September 2019

‘Sicker Than the Rest of Us’ — Docs Make House Calls to People Without Houses

California’s Latest Undergrad Project? More Aid for Campus Moms and Dads

Brown Vetoed but They’re Persisting: Take Two of MeToo Hits Newsom’s Desk

Citing ‘A Way to Keep Doors Open,’ Jerry Brown Enlists China in His War on Climate Change

Delay in School Ethnic Studies Plan Would Bring More Voices to the Table

Labor Had a Banner Year in California — Now Will Workers Unionize?

Federal Judge Blocks McGuire-Sponsored Law That Would Have Forced Trump to Release Tax Statements for California Ballot Access

Demise of Key Environment Bill Could Escalate California’s Water Wars

Is California About to Weaponize Electric Car Rebates in Its Emissions Battle Against Trump?

Citing ‘Financial Risk,’ UC Pledges to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Newsom Cracks Down on Vaping — and Asks the Legislature for Help

DISASTER DAYS: How Megafires, Guns and Other 21st Century Crises Are Disrupting California Schools

Five Things to Know Now About California’s New Vaccine Law

Big Rent Hikes Are About to Be Illegal in California. Here’s What You Should Know

Water Dispute Bedevils Bill to Blunt Trump’s Environment Aims

As D.A., Kamala Harris Prosecuted a Mentally Ill Woman Shot by Police. The Jury Didn’t Buy It.

Vaping Industry Breathes Easier: For Now, California Lawmakers Won’t Restrict Its Business

California Democrats Try Again to Provide Health Care to Undocumented Seniors

PG&E Offers $18 Billion for Wildfires — Less Than Half Would Go Directly to Victims

Facing Police Opposition, California Lawmakers Limit Bill to Ban Facial Recognition

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