March 2021

How California’s Recall Rules Could Spell Trouble for Gavin Newsom

Disneyland, Stadiums Get Green Light to Start Reopening April 1

California Upends How It’s Divvying Up Scarce Vaccines

More Than 12,000 Coronavirus Cases Have Been Reported at California Child Care Centers

Bidding Wars and Overblown Fears: The Curious Case of the California Exodus

‘We’re Born Indian and We Die White’: California Indigenous Fear COVID Deaths Undercounted

Newsom, Lawmakers Unveil Plan to Push Some Schools to Reopen by April 1

California’s New COVID-19 Vaccine System to Start Monday

February 2021

Who Has the Power to Reopen California Classrooms?

Will California’s Desert Be Transformed Into Lithium Valley?

Audit Slams State Air Board for ‘Overstating’ Greenhouse Gas Cuts

Who Gets a California Stimulus Check? When?

The Squeeze Is On: Amid Recall Threat, Newsom Faces Single-Payer Dilemma

Lawmakers Blitz Governor on School Reopenings

Newsom, Lawmakers Agree to $600 Stimulus Checks Plus Boost for Undocumented Workers

Why Personal Debt Looks Healthy Despite Worst Year for Jobs

California Shifts Vaccine Priorities Again: People With Health Conditions Are Eligible Next Month

Economy Czar Dee Dee Myers on Vaccines, Reopening and California’s ‘Overblown’ Exodus

Low Kindergarten Attendance Creates First Grade Problem

Teacher Vaccines in California Determined by Location, Luck

In Race to Vaccinate, Could California See Another Surge?

COVID Advisory Group Rejects Higher Vaccine Priority for Disabled Californians and Those With Chronic Conditions

Despite Months to Prep, Why California Lags on COVID Vaccination

January 2021

Why the Majority of California Schools Might Not Reopen Anytime Soon

After Court Ruling on Unpaid Traffic Tickets, State Lifts Suspensions of Half a Million Driver’s Licenses

California Extends Eviction Moratorium Through June

CSU Promises to Keep Tuition Flat for 2021 School Year

Educators, Food Workers Join California’s Priority List for Vaccines

In Race to Save Most Lives, California Wrestles With COVID Vaccine Eligibility

‘Too Little, Too Late’: California Small Businesses Chase COVID-19 Relief

State Activates Vaccine Clearinghouse Website

California’s Bill for Fighting Trump in Court? $41 Million So Far

Newsom’s $2 Billion School Reopening Fund Could Actually Cost Districts Money

Newsom Calls Textbooks ‘Racket,’ Proposes Money to Create Free Ones

California Throws Open COVID Vaccines to Anyone 65 and Older

How California’s Budget Depends on Staggering Wealth Gap

Biden’s Debt Forgiveness Plan Would Help Millions of California Students

Newsom’s School Reopening Plan Puts Tight Deadlines on Districts, Legislature

In Pandemic-Era Budget, Newsom Tries to Nestle Friends and Neutralize Enemies

Better Than ‘Anyone Could Have Imagined’: Inside Newsom’s Optimistic, Record-Breaking Budget Proposal

California’s New Goal: Vaccinate a Million People in 10 Days

Will COVID Spur California to Ease Food Stamp Applications?

Next Secretary of State Aims to Teach Californians ‘How Fragile the Democracy Is’

Even More Contagious? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Mutating Virus Now in California

New Law in 1 Minute: California Businesses Must Report COVID Outbreaks

New Law in 1 Minute: California Offers Tax Credits to Some Undocumented Workers

December 2020

New Law in 1 Minute: California Closing State Youth Prisons

New Law in a Minute: California Eases Hiring of Ex-Inmate Firefighters

New Law in 1 Minute: California Committee to Study Slavery Reparations

Newsom Announces $450-Per-Student Incentive to Reopen Schools

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