– First things first: Today at 9 a.m., KSLG’s John Matthews talks with actor, author, wrestler and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura about his new book, 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read. Matthews/Ventura – this is the very definition of can’t-miss radio. You’ve heard of “driveway moments”? This is a white-knuckles-to-the-steering-wheel parking lot half-hour. Work is going to have to wait. (KSLG: 94.1 FM, streaming here, mobile site here.)

– Otherwise, the main thing going on today is a gear-up for the massive showdown over the Humboldt County’s general plan update at tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors meeting. That’s happening at 1:30 p.m.

At issue is whether the county should halt the general plan update, which is over a decade old and finally nearing completion. The charge issued by conservative advocacy groups, which has since been echoed by several city governments and community services districts, is that the county has not followed its own rules in undertaking the general plan update; together, they are asking for the formation of a Citizens’ Advisory Committee. Representatives of Humboldt CPR, the most forward of the organizations opposing the general plan, ran op-ed pieces in the Times-Standard today and Saturday.

Of course, one only has to possess the tiniest sliver of a cynical bone to imagine that perhaps the true endgame here is simply to pause matters until after next year’s election, when Supervisors Jimmy Smith and Clif Clendenen – left-leaning representatives from right-leaning districts – will be facing reelection.

For their part, county staff is saying that the case being pressed is in plain error. (Read the staff report here.) They say that the Community Advisory Committees were intended to be employed in past local planning efforts, such as the McKinleyville Area Plan and the like, which will be incorporated into the current general plan. Nevertheless, staff is recommending a few alterations to the county’s current timeline in order to conduct public outreach.

For the other side, tune in to today’s Monday Morning Magazine on KMUD – for our money, the best regular radio chat show in the county. Host Dennis Huber will to representatives from Healthy Humboldt from 7-9 a.m. (91.1 FM, 88.3 FM, streaming here.) Next week, it looks like I’ll be joining Huber in the studio to talk with Estelle Fennell, executive director of HumCPR.