The Lost Coast Outpost runs obituaries of Humboldt County residents at no charge. How do you submit an obituary? Email it to, and put “Obituary” in the subject line. For more on LoCO’s obituary guidelines, see here.

Complete list of LoCO-published obituaries below.

OBITUARY: Delbert Brown, 1946-2018

OBITUARY: Marjorie Early, 1926-2018

OBITUARY: Leonard ‘Clifford’ Frye, 1934-2018

OBITUARY: Fred Walden, 1945-2018

OBITUARY: Dottie Haukenberry, 1926-2018

OBITUARY: Naomi Hunt, 1927-2018

OBITUARY: Louis Ferreira, 1949-2018

OBITUARY: Ruth Fraker, 1920-2018

OBITUARY: Amber Zeller, 1976-2018

OBITUARY: Kay Kerrigan, 1945-2018

OBITUARY: Rick Bessette, 1958-2018

OBITUARY: Lorraine Bushnell, 1946-2018

OBITUARY: Joyce Reid, 1949-2018

OBITUARY: Norma Kelly, 1941-2018

OBITUARY: Robbie Crane, 1962-2018

OBITUARY: Alexis Daniels, 2005-2018

OBITUARY: James Montelbetti, 1938-2018

OBITUARY: Carl Tinsley, 1947-2017

OBITUARY: Denis Cushman, 1935-2018

OBITUARY: Cecilia ‘Ceci’ Ray, 1936-2018

OBITUARY: Michael Noga, 1952-2018

OBITUARY: Jacqueline Marshall, 1956-2018

OBITUARY: Bob Crouse, 1932-2018

OBITUARY: Theresa Garrelts, 1941-2018

OBITUARY: Ruth Roan, 1937-2018

OBITUARY: Delores Powell, 1924-2018

OBITUARY: Richard Alley, 1935-2018

OBITUARY: Linda Anderson, 1968-2018

OBITUARY: Ralph Miller, 1951-2018

OBITUARY: Kathie Walker, 1951-2018

OBITUARY: LeRoy Marsh, 1939-2018

OBITUARY: Gregory Lee “Vinny” Devaney, 1955-2018

OBITUARY: Donna Jenkins, 1956-2018

OBITUARY: Belinda Mae Egger-Peters, 1952-2018

OBITUARY: Barbara Andrews, 1918-2018

OBITUARY: Richard ‘Dick’ Allen, 1943-2018

OBITUARY: Daniel Jay Phelps, 1985-2018

OBITUARY: Bill Gastman, 1949-2018

OBITUARY: Dorothy Dudal, 1925-2018

OBITUARY: Edith Margaret Lee, 1916-2018

OBITUARY: Norman Richard Fontaine, 1924-2018

OBITUARY: Sheryle Nelson-Gierek, 1945-2018

OBITUARY: Gerald ‘Punky’ Watson, 1949-2018

OBITUARY: Mary Joan Lansill Dawkins, 1924-2018

OBITUARY: Gary Lynn Matthews, 1951-2017

OBITUARY: Jo-Ann Wells, 1957-2018

OBITUARY: Collin Roy Pole, 1930-2018

OBITUARY: Cynthia Joan Baker, 1959-2018

OBITUARY: Tyrone Timmy Owsley

OBITUARY: Glenn E. Berry, 1937-2018