The Lost Coast Outpost runs obituaries of Humboldt County residents at no charge. How do you submit an obituary? Email it to, and put “Obituary” in the subject line. For more on LoCO’s obituary guidelines, see here.

Complete list of LoCO-published obituaries below.

November 2019

OBITUARY: Gordon Terry Surber, Sr., 1961-2019

OBITUARY: Molly Nichols, 1944-2019

OBITUARY: Julie Ann Henderson, 1952-2019

OBITUARY: Jackie Boyette Jones, 1947-2019

OBITUARY: Michael V. Hoes, 1941-2019

OBITUARY: Gaylord Dowd, 1952-2019

OBITUARY: Eugene A. Schnell, Jr., 1929-2019

OBITUARY: Robin Lyn Renshaw, 1948-2019

OBITUARY: Russell Montgomery, 1950-2019

OBITUARY: Constance Norris, 1949-2019

OBITUARY: Donald Gene Kohls, 1952-2019

OBITUARY: Angelina ‘Angie’ (Ghilarducci) Silva, 1926-2019

OBITUARY: Ardith Jill Stover, 1933-2019

OBITUARY: Frederick Paul Ruchte, 1953-2019

OBITUARY: Karen A. Comstock, 1944-2019

OBITUARY: Loretta Ruby Linton, 1920-2019

OBITUARY: James ‘Jim’ Allen Pastori, 1938-2019

OBITUARY: Robert Gordon Williams Sr., 1934-2019

OBITUARY: Russell Nolan Britt, 1943-2019

OBITUARY: George ‘Dale’ Ireland, 1932-2019

OBITUARY: Bonniesue George, 1943-2019

OBITUARY: Mark Allen Brown, 1962-2019

OBITUARY: Beulah Faye Wahlund, 1929-2019

October 2019

OBITUARY: Frances Roberts, 1930-2019

OBITUARY: John Arthur Rasmussen, 1934-2019

OBITUARY: Alice Faye Thomson, 1950-2019

OBITUARY: Elizabeth (Betty) Louise Hurst, 1933-2019

OBITUARY: Mary Eleanor Pollard, 1923-2019

OBITUARY: Molly McHenry Berry, 1948-2019

OBITUARY: Nikki Star Owen, 1990-2019

OBITUARY: Tony Lee Todd Sr., 1969-2019

OBITUARY: Mildred Fay Mitchell, 1926-2019

OBITUARY: John (‘Jack’) Bull, 1936-2019

OBITUARY: Helen Clara Peck, 1924-2019

OBITUARY: Merle Dean (‘Butch/Uncle Dog’) Campbell, 1954-2019

OBITUARY: Charles Grundman, 1920-2019

OBITUARY: Marylou Thayer Fisher, 1940-2019

OBITUARY: Weldon Michael (Mike) Selby, 1948-2019

OBITUARY: Hannah Elizabeth Hayhurst, 2000-2019

OBITUARY: Joseph William Koches, 1937-2019

OBITUARY: James Edward Drews, 1941-2019

OBITUARY: Rodney Arthur Cade, 1953-2019

OBITUARY: Preston Terrance (Terry) Richcreek, 1951-2019

OBITUARY: Claudine Houx, 1932-2019

OBITUARY: Richard Doss, 1944-2019

OBITUARY: Leona M. Gonsalves, 1938 -2019

OBITUARY: Dale Hoffmann, 1925-2019

OBITUARY: Joe McGinnis, 1974-2019

OBITUARY: Barbara Corner, 1930-2019

OBITUARY: Cynthia Will, 1957-2019

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