The Lost Coast Outpost runs obituaries of Humboldt County residents at no charge. How do you submit an obituary? Email it to, and put “Obituary” in the subject line. For more on LoCO’s obituary guidelines, see here.

Complete list of LoCO-published obituaries below.

September 2022

OBITUARY: Betty L. Ehrheart, 1930-2022

OBITUARY: JoAnn Alma Vollenweider, 1934-2022

OBITUARY: Mary Salazar, 1929-2022

OBITUARY: Carolyn Louise Podratz, 1942-2022

OBITUARY: Jonathan Daniel Taggart, 1979-2022

OBITUARY: Ethlyn Vera Chaffee, 1930-2022

OBITUARY: Betty Marie (Peugh) Sweaney, 1934-2022

OBITUARY: Gregory Jon Montore, 1972-2022

OBITUARY: Carolyn Lowe (Brightenstine), 1939-2022

OBITUARY: Delmar Gene Middleton Jr., 1960-2022

OBITUARY: Miriam Cruz Montanez, 1949-2022

OBITUARY: Ronald (Ron) Lee Carterby, 1954-2022

OBITUARY: Christopher John Lottie, 1980-2022

OBITUARY: Michael Eugene Barber Sr., 1952-2022

OBITUARY: Keith Darrel Bachman, 1961-2022

OBITUARY: Robert J. Goodwin, 1945-2022

OBITUARY: Greg Acorn, 1951-2022

OBITUARY: Cameron MacGregor Coleman, 1978-2022

OBITUARY: Frances C. Lewis, 1933-2022

OBITUARY: Dorothy Marie (Pete) McKinnon, 1924-2022

OBITUARY: John Allen Mills, 1960-2022

OBITUARY: William J. Spurling, 1950-2022

OBITUARY: John L. Freson, 1936-2022

OBITUARY: Keith David Ambrosini, 1959-2022

OBITUARY: Peggy Bell-Hans, 1950-2022

OBITUARY: Christopher Stewart Andrews, 1977-2022

OBITUARY: Jarod Lawrence Jones, 2000-2022

OBITUARY: David Larry Cook, 1949-2022

OBITUARY: Yvonne Scott, 1965-2022

OBITUARY: Donald James Thompson, 1955-2022

OBITUARY: Eugene ‘Neal’ Sligh, 1937-2022

OBITUARY: Shane Lyndon Toroni, 1965-2022

OBITUARY: Marilyn L. (Paxton) Robertson, 1933-2022

OBITUARY: Calvin Olbert Hamblin, 1930-2022

OBITUARY: Eva Belle Smith, 1949-2022

OBITUARY: To-Tehl Elliott Henry Surber, 2012-2022

OBITUARY: Robert Dennison Schorer, 1944-2022

OBITUARY: Robert Alan Wright, 1927-2022

OBITUARY: Susan Fales, 1944-2022

OBITUARY: Jerry Lee Roach, 1943-2022

August 2022

OBITUARY: Barry Collins, 1946-2022

OBITUARY: Violet Elizabeth Summers, 1935-2022

OBITUARY: Paul Bradshaw Windes, 1968-2022

OBITUARY: Shirley Joan Gatzke, 1931-2022

OBITUARY: Shirley Parker, 1931-2022

OBITUARY: Phyllis Elaine Stark, 1939-2022

OBITUARY: Vinal Elmer Pack, 1928-2022

OBITUARY: Rick Hefley, 1965-2022

OBITUARY: Michael Lawrence Astorino, 1944-2022

OBITUARY: John R. Buell, 1949-2022

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