— Delores Reeves, a Fortuna real estate agent and businesswoman, has been charged with defrauding old folks of several hundred thousand dollars, the T-S‘s Matt Drange reports. Reeves allegedly tricked elderly investors into giving her money, forging documents on fictitious properties that supposedly acted as security for their loans.

— Longtime Humboldt ne’er-do-well and would-be murderer Michael Alan Coen was sentenced to 21 years for shooting a Fortuna man in the chest while the latter was asleep in his bed, the T-S‘s Thad Greenson reports. Coen was originally charged with attempted murder but pleaded guilty to lesser offenses; he could be released in 10 years. [My misreading: Thanks to LoCO superfan “TG” for the correction.]

Until then, we can all wonder about a man named “Coen” who wears a conspicuous swastika tattoo

— EPD Chief Garr Nielsen is pretty pissed that the District Attorney’s office never told him that it was investigating one of its officers.

— In the KMUD News: A pedestrian was struck and killed by a truck on Broadway last week (1:18). The big Redway drug bust we mentioned last night (2:20). Congress honors 911 dispatchers (4:00). Dobbyn Creek busts through three-week-old landslide (12:30). Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee supports an infilling, resource-protecting general plan update (19:20).

KMUD News, April 18