Here’s a couple of things to consider while we all wait around for John Matthews’ soon-to-be-classic interview with Birther-in-Chief Orly Taitz. (9 a.m.; 94.1 FM;

— Economically, the county is still doing relatively well compared to the state of California as a whole, the T-S reports. Our unemployment rate has been hovering right around the state average; this month, it’s actually a bit lower. Meanwhile, we’ve added 100 manufacturing jobs in the last year.

— Is Arcata actively seeking new ways to screw over the town’s thriving food truck scene? The city’s planning commission will take a new look looked at city codes regulating mobile food vendors tonight Tuesday, and will invite traditional restaurants – no fans of the cheap goodness that is the lunch wagon, if national trends are anything to go by – to comment.

— An 82-year-old man suffering from dementia went missing in Southern Humboldt a couple of days ago. Yesterday, the Sheriff’s Office and locals conducted a wide search, involving both boats and horses, on and around the road between Garberville and Redway, which Robert Firestone often walks. The KMUD news dep’t kicks off its broadcast with a report on the search; additional coverage on the Redheaded Blackbelt here and here and here and here.

KMUD News, April 27

— The Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District is getting ready to put together a new five-year strategic plan; KIEM-TV has a little clip of district CEO David Hull talking about it.

The last strategic plan, which was financed by Humboldt County’s Headwaters Fund, foresaw a heavy ramp-up of container shipping, a refurbishing of the district’s Redwood Dock, warehousing facilities for the military and large retail chains and a whole bunch of other stuff that never came to pass, so it is indeed probably time for another re-do. The district will look at hiring a consulting firm at its meeting tonight. [Ed. note: Two cockups in one post; the document I was referring to here was not the district’s previous strategic plan, but rather a site plan specific to the Redwood Dock. The LoCO regrets the error, and is wracked with depressive, suicidal thoughts.]