– Some yahoo pulled a gun on road crews working the Requa slide, asking them to drop shovel and permit him to pass. The crews complied. Then the cops arrested the yahoo at his home. The T-S has the stirring story.

– If you, like we, are a connoisseur of the Ferndale Cafe E. coli story, you won’t find anything too new in Thad Greenson’s story today, but it could serve as a useful catch-up piece.

– KMUD News has an update on the BLM agent who was injured in an ATV crash while assisting with a marijuana raid near Ettersburg. (He hurt his knee and is going to be OK. Minute marker 5:00, below). Also: Mendocino Redwood Company’s plan to hack ‘n’ squirt tan oak with herbicide near Westport (6:00). HOLY MOLY – The Anderson Valley Advertiser‘s Mark Scaramella, friend of the LoCO, managed to get himself appointed to Mendo County’s redistricting advisory committee (16:30). Dobbyn Creek Slide update (17:30).

KMUD News, April 7


– Every speaker at every business convention in the last 18 months has knelt down at the podium and shouted the praises of the QR Code into his wireless headset. Unfamiliar with the QR Code? It’s the ugly little thing you see here. Download an app, take a picture of it with your phone and something happens – you get sent to a Web page, usually. It’s a win-win-win: gadgetphiles get one more excuse to dink with their phones, industry wrests control of its clicks from Let Me Google That For You and our entire physical environment is decorated with these cheerful blots.

Humboldt County hasn’t bought the hype yet, but now Coast Central Credit Union is dipping its toe in the water, the T-S reports.

– Want to meet a real-life legislator? Assm. Wes Chesbro is in town today and tomorrow; the T-S has his schedule.