Press Release: 707 Cannabis College is hosting an open meeting to rally and organize Family Farmers for the Board of Supervisors Meeting September 13 [There is no hearing Scheduled.] The Board will be hearing from the public on the proposed draft of medical marijuana ordinance for Humboldt County. A group of dispensary owners has organized to try to change the language of the ordinance to allow them to grow all their own medicine in warehouses on site.

They assert that outdoor medicine is not truly medicine because it is not as “clean” or “potent” as their “controlled environment” medicine, despite lab results to the contrary.  They are also contending that they will create hundreds of jobs. Outdoor Family Farmers create THOUSANDS of jobs and are the economic base of this county. We need to show up at the Supervisors meeting to defend our way of life and livelihood.

If Family Farmers are not WELL represented (as in numbers) these few well organized dispensary owners could sway the Board. Are we going to let a few dozen get rich and create a few hundred jobs or are we going to show up and defend the thousands of businesses and people who depend on family farms?

WE NEED LEGAL, PERMITTED, MEDICAL CANNABIS FARMS NOW!! It is working in Mendocino already; it can work in Humboldt too.

Come to our Campus at 1881 Barnett # 4 in the Meadows Business Park to get an overview of the ordinance draft, get answers to your questions about permitted farms and organize to protect our culture.