The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is finalizing its new electoral maps as we speak. There’ll be a press conference at 1 p.m. to officially unveil the real-deal, last-draft, these-are-what-it’s-going-to-be boundaries for state and federal office holders. And then the lawsuits begin.

Meanwhile, you can check what the commission is approving right now over at a UC Berkeley GIS site. Use the controls in the upper left to choose between congressional, state senate and state assembly districts. (Or Board of Equalization boundaries, if you go in for that sort of thing.)

For the most part, these final maps look like what we at the LoCO have been reporting here all along.

Rep. Mike Thompson’s St. Helena home is yanked away from the North Coast; instead, we get Marin County and a whole bevy of Marin Democrats who want to battle it out for his throne. Will Thompson move house in time for next year’s Congressional election, challenging these Marinite-come-latelies? Will he run for reelection from outside the district, as LoCO supercommenter “The Reasonable Anonymous” proved it is possible to do? Will he join battle with the commission in court? Or will he submit to the commission’s will and run for the new seat the commission has delegated him to, which now includes a chunk of Contra Costa County?

Meanwhile, State Sen. Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) remains yoked to the North Coast. Look out, though! She also picks up powerful Marin County. While it’s true that Marin’s current representative, Sen. Mark Leno, is a San Francisco-ite and the path will therefore be cleared, that’s not to say that an ambitious North Bay politico might see his/her shot and take it.

But check out what’s happening with the state assembly lines, now! The commission couldn’t possibly take our own Wes “The Chezz” Chesbro (D-Arcata) away from us, but do you see what they’ve done here? Our assembly district will now stretch down to take in the northern half of Santa Rosa – the very half, a little bird assures us, that is proud to call itself home to Assm. Michael Allen – the assistant leader of the state Democratic caucus! A call to Allen’s Sacramento office landed us in voicemail hell, but the question arises: Is “The Chezz” going to be looking at a primary battle in 2012? 

This is going to be such fun, people!