The Washington Post Business Section just put out a story on the Richardson Grove controversy which cuts to the root of the problem. The story is fairly even handed though the last word seemed pro project.

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup listened to arguments from both sides on Thursday in San Francisco, and appeared skeptical that damage to one segment of the trees’ roots would kill them.

“I don’t buy the idea that if you take one tiny little root (out) it’s going to hurt the whole tree,” Alsup said.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Philip Gregory, holding a clump of tiny redwood tree roots in his hand, told the judge that redwoods have a complex, shallow root system the tall trees need to feed and anchor into the ground. He said damage to a section of these roots can affect the entire system.

As for fears that once the road is realigned, a convoy of massive trucks and developers will descend on this remote area of California, Humboldt County’s Debets said the concerns are overblown.

“I’m a fifth generation Humboldt County native, I love that it’s small here,” she said. “And I also know that after this project’s done no one’s going to notice a change

If you haven’t done so yet, you ought to check out the simulations on what changes are going to be made in the road.

Here is a short slideshow.  This page here is full of information.

Hat tip to @forestdefender.


UPDATE:  The Judge has issued a preliminary injunction against the Richardson Grove Project

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